8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

Demetria Devonne, or rather Demi Lovato has been a cultural icon and an inspiration from the very beginning of her career. Starring in the second best musical Disney production, Camp Rock, this little girl rose to fame as a singer and an actress. Slowly the world came to know about her songs and soon her album was released. Then started the acting career and with baby steps, this fine lady is not only an actress, singer and song writer but also a proud owner of her own cosmetic and beautification line, Devonne by Demi. This brings us to the topic of today’s article, the fresh faced Demi without makeup.

Demi Lovato without Makeup Pictures:

The Webcam Selfie:

8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

Selfies are a must in the youth world and very often this is one of the best ways to deduce whether a person without makeup is really all that beautiful. This picture of the Lovato is a webcam selfie where she appears without any visible sign of makeup and yet looks brilliantly alluring. From the looks of it, one can tell she really has flawless skin.

Fresh Faced Beauty:

8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

Demi Lovato once asked her fans to shed off their makeup for the day and adorn the skin they are born in. to up the spirit of natural beauty, she went on to share a makeup less picture of herself on the social media where she looked simply stunning in her all natural self. No liner, no makeup and no gloss, and we couldn’t even tell if she really was makeup less.


8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

There was never any doubt about Demi being the perfect being that she is. Apart from being a darling at heart, she is also renowned to be one of the best looking idols who can always flaunt their flawless skin without any makeup. This candid of her is exactly what we needed to prove her worth without the makeup.

The Minimalist:

8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

Always in the favor of minimalism, Demetria Lovato has always maintained her beauty with low key hair and makeup. The inspiration, hence tagged, here portrays her minimalist look with just a drag on the liners as she once again bared her clear face to the public eye.

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Morning Selfie:

8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

We have all had those days when the morning light was doing fine with the camera aperture and a picture, angelic is hence produced. Demi Lovato must have had the same feeling as she posed with her morning cup of steaming coffee. Flaunting her tattoos alongside the clear skin, this diva looked amazing.

A Petty Affair:

8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

Here we have a beautiful picture of the pop star flaunting her awesome skin as she introduces her newly acquired pet to the world. Demi Lovato is the proud owner of the sea turtle and while we drooled over her and her new pet, Demi looked handsome in this no makeup shot. The picture was evidence of how she requires no makeup to be beautiful.

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Poolside Picture:

8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

Very few people or rather girls are comfortable in their own skin. While some might deal with uneven skin tone problems for some freckles are the biggest barrier. However, Demi’s poolside picture gave us a real feel. Starring with no makeup in this picture, Demi flaunted her pretty freckles and looked fabulous doing so.

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The Pretty Smilers:

8 Pictures of Demi Lovato without Makeup

The last picture of the Lovato shows her in one of her short hairstyles where she looked completely beautiful flashing her pearly whites.