25 All-Time Famous Telugu Comedy Movies to Watch

Be it to come out of a stressful workday or have lighter moments in life; comedy movies and films are always a good watch. There is never a day which is not suitable for watching fun comedy films. These Telugu comedy movies have faired very well to impress the audience and shower lighter and more fun moments effortlessly. Either Sunday or weekday, try watching this comedy in Telugu films, and we bet you can get relaxed.

Our compilation of the best Telugu comedy movies list is here, and we can’t wait to get started!

25 All-Time Famous Telugu Comedy Movies to Watch

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Here we go with the latest and best Telugu full comedy movies and film list, ideal for watching everyone. Give them a try, and you will love them too!

1. Nuvvu Naku Nachav (2001):

Acted by Star Venkatesh Daggubati, the movie is a perfect balance between romance, comedy, and family drama. The movie revolves around Actor falling in love with a woman who is already engaged and married. The girl’s parents are also good friends with Actor’s father. The rest story moves around how they navigate around with love without confessing with funny scenes and dialogues.

2. Manmadhudu (2002):

Acted by the star, Nagarjuna Akkineni himself, the plot revolves around him being a misogynist who hates women and has to work with an ambitious and career-oriented woman, Sonali Bendre. It is a funny movie with serious drama involving his past relationship and his present love for the actress. It is a good family to watch the comedy-drama movie to date. This movie is always top in the Telugu all-time comedy movies.

3. Shankar Dada MBBS (2004):

Acted by Mega Star Chiranjeevi, the movie Shankar Dada MBBS is a hilarious movie with a great cast and acting. The plot revolves around the Gunda named Shankar Dada (acted by Chiranjeevi) hiding from his parents that he is not a doctor. While his parents dreamt of making him a doctor and learning the truth, they part from him—the plot twists when he decides to do MBBS, be a doctor, and join college. The entire plot revolves around how he is funny with other doctors and lecturers, his friendliness, and how he treats other patients with more humanity than medicines. It is a must-watch for lighter moments of fun, joy, and love. It is a must-watch in the genre of Tollywood comedy movies.

4. Malliswari (2004):

This action-oriented drama and comedy is a treat to the audience’s eyes. Malliswari is an heiress to heavy property and a family legacy; however, other families are targeted to snatch her property and kill her. When a regular bank employee (Actor Venkatesh) falls in love with her without knowing her identity, the movie revolves around how he protects her. The movie has both action and fight scenes with comedy and family drama.

5. Dhee (2007):

The action drama and comedy movie revolves around the hero being sent to work under a goon and dada. Things take an exciting turn when he falls in love with the goon’s sister, and now they have to elope and get married. The plot revolves around how they hide the relationship from her parents and tries to befriend him with his actions in a funny way.

6. Ashta Chemma (2008):

Ashta Chemma is a timeless and evergreen Telugu comedy movie watch for everyone. Be it with family or friends, it can thrill you with fun and humour to a great extent. Acted by the natural star Nani and gorgeous girl Swathi, the movie revolves around the actress who is a fan of Mahesh Babu and only decides to marry him and no other person. When she has to compromise with someone to get married, she meets an actor whose name is Mahesh and falls in love. Things now take a funny and unexpected turn when she learns that his real name is not Mahesh. It is a good roller coaster funny ride movie.

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7. Ready (2008):

Again, this action comedy movie is a must-watch for those who love the perfect blend of romance, humour, and family drama. The plot revolves around the Actor who mistakenly abducts the heroine and later falls in love with her. However, the actress belongs to a family with two groups that clashes with each other. Now it is up to the hero how he fools them around and gets to marry her.

8. Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu (2008):

This comedy-drama is among the all-time hit of the recent past. The plot revolves around three friends whose dream is to buy their own house. When they meet the Actor who promises to fulfil their dreams through specific schemes, they invest. The movie revolves around the storyline on an amusing and lighter note and the plot twists when he dumps everyone and runs with the money.

9. Bendu Apparao RMP (2009):

The movie Bendu Apparao RMP is a funny, blaster comedy movie acted by Allari Naresh. In the movie, the Actor is a doctor who always tries to take money from patients who do not suspect him. He gets a good deal when a dying man leaves behind good money for his family, however, Bendu Apparao prefers to use it for his other needs. The movie is a unique combination of humour, comedy, and drama.

10. Maryada Ramanna (2010):

The comedian superstar Sunil has turned into an Actor in this movie, and it was well-received at the box office back then. This movie is taken in a unique storyline where the Actor has to go to his native place to sell off the land and meets a young woman he falls in love with. He realizes that her family is trying to kill him, and now he has to escape the unusual situation. The movie plot goes on an amusing note and with weird circumstances, and the Actor handles it very well in an amusing way. It is a popular one among Telugu romantic comedy movies.

11. Ala Modalaindi (2011):

On par with other movies from Actor Nani, this movie doesn’t disappoint us in any manner – be it fun, drama, or love. Gautham, acted by Nani, is kidnapped on the way to attend his ex-girlfriend’s marriage. He has to narrate his entire love story incident with the heroine to the kidnapper. The plot is unique, with exciting twists and funny turns, hilarious incidents, and the kidnapper. It is among the top trending ones in Telugu comedy movies.

12. Pilla Zamindar (2011):

This comedy-drama movie revolves around a landlord’s grandson who has a lighter attitude towards life and is a spoilt brat. In order to inherit his property, his grandfather adds a clause that he has to complete his education. When he embarks on his journey to finish his studies, he is encountered necessary and ordinary conditions in life, while he is used to his comforts. Now the funny Telugu movies revolve around the funny way how he manages his life situations to inherit the wealth and, in the process, learns some valuable lessons.

13. Gabbar Singh (2012):

This funny action and comedy movie by Power Star Pavan Kalyan is among the industry’s biggest hits. The Actor is a police officer who names himself Gabbar Singh, being inspired by the movie’s movie character. He has to confront a goon in the village who wishes to enter politics, and the rest of the story is taken from a humorous angle involving romance, action, and drama. It is a good watch.

14. Venkatadri Express (2013):

The movie revolves around a man who has to get into Venkatadri Express to reach Tirupathi for attending his brother’s wedding and misses his train. The funny sequel and circumstances around how he has to reach the destination revolve around the rest of the movie. It is a basic and straightforward watch with funny scenes and instances.

15. Malligadu Marriage Bureau (2014):

The Actor, Malligadu, runs a marriage bureau to set up wedding proposals. However, he is not serious about the business but only thinks about making a profit and money. With a funny man in nature, the movie revolves around how he manages different circumstances in his life and what happens when a goon involves in his business bringing him trouble.

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16. Race Gurram (2014):

This action-comedy and drama movie is a whole package for an excellent family watch. The plot revolves around two brothers who cannot take each other’s presence has to defeat a gangster. While the elder brother is the police and goes formally, the younger brother is must carefree person but succeeds in his plan with a humorous and lighter attitude. It is among the Telugu hit comedy movies and scenes with Brahmanandam indeed sets the entire plot apart with fun and jokes.

17. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy (2015):

Another of the Actor Nani’s super hit and comedy movies is here. The plot of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy revolves around the Actor, who is a scientist who suffers from short-term amnesia. He forgets several things in his day-to-day life. But his love at first sight for the actress (Lavanya Tripathi) makes him hide his condition. Now the plot revolves around how he manages to woo her and has to impress her family.

18. Yevade Subramanyam (2015):

Yevade Subramanyam is a funny and emotional story of how a friend overcomes his other friend’s death and decides to embark on the Himalayas as a life-changer. This movie is a good entertainment watch with a very new and unique storyline and bits and humorous and emotional parts.

19. Subramanyam for Sale (2015):

The movie Subramanyam for Sale is a youthful comedy and entertainment watch. The plot revolves around how a young man who is oriented towards making money goes to the US. He meets the actress on his way and befriends her. Her boyfriend cheats her, and when he consoles her and accompanies her to India, the girl’s family misunderstood them as being married. The rest of the movie plot goes on amusing and exciting funny lines.

20. Sapthagiri Express (2016):

This recent release is an understated gem. The movie has a unique and new story which revolves around the Actor, Sapthagiri, who has to take up his father’s job after he died. When he realizes that he may have been murdered, he now has to find out the truth. It is the right action and comedy movie with interesting and amusing characters and scenes.

21. A Aa (2016):

The movie A Aa is one of the biggest hits of those times when it releases. It revolves around the actress falling in love with her extended family cross-cousin whom her mother would disapprove of. While she belongs to a wealthy upper class and business background, the man belongs to an ordinary background. The plot revolves around how she hides their visit to the man she loves and how they navigate their love all throughout.

22. Pelli Choopulu (2016):

The movie is a huge hit back then at the box office and has established several actors’ careers, including the new loverboy, Vijay Devarakonda. The Actor is an engineering student with a careless attitude towards life. Fed up with him, his father decides to get him married to learn responsibility and manners. Mistakenly, he meets another girl for the wedding (actress Ritu Verma) and becomes friends. The movie revolves around how they carry out their meeting to establish a business and how he has to change for the better.

23. Jamba Lakidi Pamba (2018):

This comedy-drama and fantasy movie are based on a young couple’s romance, which seems to fade and applies to divorce. When they approach the lawyer, he has to overcome unusual circumstances to fix their relationship. The plot is taken in a very humorous way on an excellent entertainment watch. This Telugu comedy movie latest is a good one-time watch.

24. Nani’s Gang Leader (2019):

The recent movie from Actor Nani is another super hit. The plot revolves around how a small crime novelist has to see the deaths in a robbery when different women approach him. The movie revolves around a crime story with a blend of fun and lighter moments. It is a good watch for entertainment and relaxing time. It is a must-watch among Telugu new comedy movies.

25. Brochevarevarura (2019):

This youthful Telugu comedy movie 2019 revolves around three college friends who continually fail in their exams due to a lighter attitude in life. They meet another friend in the same college, and now the new friend has to help them to devise a plan in passing college. The interesting twist of events most hilariously and funnily is what makes the movie plot.

These Tollywood and Telugu comedy movies are a must-watch for those who want lightweight films and a comfortable, relaxing time. The humour, amusing, and exciting scenes and good cast make these films set apart from others. Which is your favourite one on this list and why? Let us know your thoughts!