Top 9 Hair Transplant Centers In Ahmedabad

The problem of premature hair loss and baldness is not just genetic but can be attributed to other factors like malnutrition, exposure to pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. The city of Ahmedabad is developing in all aspects. The establishment of industrial set ups are playing havoc on the health and is also a major cause of premature baldness in both males and females. To counter this problem, there has been a rapid increase in the number of hair transplant clinics in and around the city.

Hair Transplant Centers in Ahmedabad:

Read on to find the best clinics for hair transplants in Ahmedabad.

Top 9 Hair Transplant Centers In Ahmedabad

1. Dr. M Hair Transplant Clinic:

This is one of the best hair transplant clinic that you will find in Ahmedabad. The clinic is headed by Dr. Mahadevia who is qualified plastic surgeon with a work experience of over 17 years. He is also a renowned member of ISHRS, an International body for hair restoration. At Dr. M Hair Transplant Clinic they use the far superior follicular grafting methods to give remarkable results.

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2. ADHI India:

Adhi India is a successful chain of cosmetic and hair transplant surgical facilities in the country. They have well established centers in six major cities including Ahmedabad. At Adhi, their team of trained surgeons use the Fue method for hair restoration as it is more effective and less invasive. Visit the link below to learn more about this speciality hair transplant centre in Ahmedabad.

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3. Vasa Hair Academy:

Vasa Hair Academy is a revolutionary hair transplant centre in Ahmedabad. They offer the most innovative Feather Touch Tm technique for hair restoration. They have a team of Internationally trained hair transplant surgeons who aim for perfection and deliver outstanding services through their medium of unique techniques and treatments. Vasa Hair Academy is well worth your time and money.

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4. Cutis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center:

Cut is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is the pioneers in the field of cosmetic and hair transplant surgery. At Cutis they strive to offer the best and affordable transplant surgeries to the people of Ahmedabad. All their procedures and techniques are at par with International standards. Visit the website to learn more their services.

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5. Dr. Ayyappan Thangavel:

Dr. Ayyappan Thangavel is a specialist hair transplant surgeon based in Ahmedabad. He uses the best follicular grafting methods to give the most satisfying and pleasant experience to his patients. Dr. T Ayyappan is also a prestigious member of IBMS. All the techniques used at his clinic are very innovative and cost effective. Visit his clinic to get your appointment now.

  • Address: La Diva Cosmetic Plastic and Hair Transplant Center SAL Hospital, Opp. Vastrapur Police Station, Drive in Road, Ahmedabad – 380054

6. DHI Ahmedabad Clinic:

This DHI clinic in Ahmedabad uses the most remarkable Direct Hair Implantation technique to treat premature hair loss and baldness. They have an outstanding base of satisfied clients in India and abroad. At DHI, the expert surgeons use high-end techniques to give fast and safe results.

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7. Natural Hair Transplant:

Natural Hair Transplant is a speciality hair transplant and restoration clinic in Ahmedabad. Here they offer ultra modern and highly advanced treatments for baldness and hair loss. The Hair implant procedures used at Natural Hair Transplant are less invasive, painless and give 100% successful hair re-growth.

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8. Dr. Bijpal V Parekh:

Dr. Bijpal V Parekh is a successful hair transplant surgeon in Ahmedabad. He has mastered almost all cosmetic surgical procedures and specialized in Follicular Unit xtraction procedure for hair restoration. Dr. Parekh also offers customized treatments for hair loss.

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9. Richfeel Trichology Centre:

If you are looking for a permanent solution to the problem of hair loss or baldness, just get your appointment at Richfeel Trichology Centre. They have the best team of hair transplant surgeons with cutting edge technology and services. At Richfeel all the hair restoration procedures are safe, painless and the results are visible after one session.

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The hair transplant centres given above are the most sought-after and acclaimed clinics for hair restoration. There services and treatments are unmatched.