Tattoos are a representation of modern-day art and every tattoo artist around the world is testament to this fact. With exceptional tattoo designs that are being created every day tattoo artists are keep art alive on the skin of millions of people around the world. Some of the tattoo artists in Chandigarh have actually shown that there is no limit to talent and that even art can be made into a profession.

Some of these tattoo artists own their own parlours and some of them work for parlours but at the end of the day all of them have but two objectives in mind and that is firstly to make great tattoos and secondly to satisfy the customers.  Given below is a very detailed overview of the best tattoo artists in Chandigarh showing how the city has taken a turn towards modern-day art.

Top 8 Tattoo Artists in Chandigarh

Best Tattoo Artists In Chandigarh:

Here are the 8 best tattoo artists in Chandigarh as follows.

1. Immortal Tattoo Artist In Chandigarh:

This has recently been named the best tattoo parlour in Chandigarh because of its exceptional service, top notch artists that are very unique and are willing to experiment with new tattoo designs along with top notch equipment that is very safe providing you with the best tattoo experience ever.

2. Jawed Habib Hair And Beauty Salon:

Jawed Habib is a very well known salon that deals with plenty of your cosmetic needs which includes hair cutting, styling, coloring, facials and plenty more. Along with all these traits the jawed habib in Chandigarh has also managed to introduce a few great tattoo artists as well. These tattoo artists provide reasonably priced tattoos with the best quality equipment.

3. Tattoo Addicted:

If you are looking for a top quality tattoo parlour owned by one of the best artists in Chandigarh then tattoo addicted is where you need to go. All the tattoos done here are all customer based, that is a customer will first be required to give his views in regards to what tattoo he requires before a sketch is improvised. This gives the artist and customer a chance to bond so as to be able to make a great tattoo.

4. Moksha Tattoo Shop In Chandigarh:

Yet again another great tattoo parlour in Chandigarh moksha has recently increased in popularity due to the sudden increase in desire for body art. Since moksha can provide extensive body art that is both mind blowing and reasonable there have been plenty of good reviews about this place. He is one of the best tattoo artists in chandigarh.

5. Exotica Beauty And Skin Solutions:

Probably the only tattoo parlour in Chandigarh that also deals with tattoo removals exotica also prides itself on the fact that it has the ability to provide top-notch tattoos all available at very reasonable prices. The hand of each artist is that of a steady professional in this wonderful tattoo parlour.

6. Warrior Tattoo Artist In Chandigarh:

Tattoo warrior has been included in the top 30 tattoo parlours available in the country because of its exceptional style and state of the art equipment along with some o the best hands in the country. Every tattoo artist is a Da Vinci at work when it comes to creating a masterpiece on your skin.

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7. Skull Tattoo Artist In Chandigarh:

Located in sector 15 in Chandigarh skull tattoo is a reasonably priced parlour run by an exceptional tattoo artist that is available most of the time to deal with all your artistic needs. Skull tattoo has very reasonably priced services though the full-length tattoos normally go beyond the price of many tattoo parlours in the city owing to the fact that a more professional outlook is taken.

8. Taboo Tattoo Studio In Chandigarh:

Taboo like all other tattoo studios does both piercings and tattoos for you. You can pick from an array of already available designs in the portfolio or you can pitch your concept to the able hands available for you so that your sketch can be drawn. It is the best tattoo shop in Chandigarh.

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