This 2024 Nail Color Trend Wants You To Say Goodbye To The Salon

Clear Nails

While it might seem that a manicure is just a manicure, the offerings at the nail salon would beg to differ. If anything, the nail salon menu has only grown more complicated, including the many types of manicures you need to know in order to achieve the longest-lasting result. Perhaps that is why this year we’re seeing a return to the basics in terms of what people are choosing for their nails.

One of 2023’s biggest trends has been a version of classic ivory nails, known as pearl nails, which calls for a coat of pearlescent chrome on top of a traditional white nail color such as OPI Funny Bunny. French manicures have also reemerged in style to some people’s happiness, and others’ dismay. However, the most surprising nail trend doesn’t require a trip to the nail salon whatsoever. Bare nails are back! 

You might remember the days when more nails were worn sans-polish, or “naked,” than painted in bright colors or accented with intricate designs. At the core, skipping polish has always been dubbed easier and more low-maintenance than going to the nail salon or painting your own nails at home, which can result in any one of the many at-home mani mistakes. It also does not require upkeep or removal, which means you don’t need to be scared about chipping. Moreover, many people recognize bare nails as the classic look of royalty and celebrities, and as a result, are often seen as subtle, elegant, and befitting someone who transcends trends altogether. 

Now that the no-polish manicure is the trendiest look of 2023, you can expect to save money and time on your nails. However, you can still amp up the appearance of your naked nails for an even more elevated look. For example, you can make sure to maintain clean cuticles and perfectly filed nails. You can also buff them until they’re naturally shiny, or simply apply a clear topcoat for a barely-there finishing touch. If you enjoy going to the salon, you can certainly ask for your own version of cleaned-up, shiny, bare nails, like seen above in Olive & June’s EC shade. Just don’t forget to tip! 

Just don’t be surprised if you start feeling enviably put-together. Clear, shiny, naked nails tend to have that effect.