While the western world admires suntan, Indians treat it as one of the biggest skin problems. Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to excess formation of melanin, a natural sun-protecting agent in the skin. The result? A dark brown layer on your skin makes you look dull and uninspiring. When tan piles up on your skin, it leads to pigmentation and melasma that leaves dark, uneven patches on your skin.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with suntan naturally. In this skin care section, we have tried out best to address all the remedies and solutions to help you de-tan your skin. There are articles which will guide you about how to remove suntan from various parts of the body like face, lips, neck, back, feet, hands etc. Each home remedy comes with a detailed explanation on how the ingredients work to lighten your skin naturally.

Additionally, we have also put together information about products and facial kits which can offer effective de-tan solutions. The products come with many active ingredients that fight tan and pigmentation to give you an even skin tone. They also save you a trip to the dermatologist or beauticians who usually charge you a bomb to de-tan your skin.

Keep watching this space for more remedies and tips to remove suntan without damaging your skin or burning a hole in your pocket!

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