There is one common question that many men and women have – “Should I go for a facial?”. To many, facials are luxury, expensive treatments why are all hype and no results! But imagine, facials are one of the most popular salon services which come in all budgets and types. Experts opine that facials are a complete beauty solution to many problems like dryness, patchy skin, pigmentation, acne, oily skin, lack of glow etc.

The reason? They are more than just 1 step process. Unlike a scrub or a face pack which offer only one action, facials come as five to 8 step procedure. They are complete facial rituals which relax your body and mind. The first step always starts with cleansing to remove the dirt and debris from deep within your pores. Second is steaming to open up the pores, third is exfoliation using a scrub, the fourth is a massage to stimulate blood circulation and the fifth step is a face mask that contains active ingredients to improve your skin condition.

These steps can vary with the type of facial treatments you have opted for! In this category, you will learn the many wonderful benefits of different varieties of facials available in the market. You will also discover many best-selling facial kits and facial peels that you can use at home or with a help from your beautician. Keep watching this space for more information if you always want a beautiful, glowing skin at home!

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