Nutrition Guide for Oily-Sensitive Skin

Nutrition Guide for Oily-Sensitive Skin

For smooth skin, you need to take good care and offer it a lot of attention. Having an acne-free and clear skin requires a lot of effort and time. Aside from having acne-prone skin, people also face the challenge of having oily skin. Oily skin is usually regarded to be as tricky as acne. Of course, it can lead to the eruption of pimples. The cause of oily skin depends on your genes, but there exist solutions to solve this issue.

There are high chances that you have probably been advised to avoid certain foods if you’ve got oily skin. So, now it is advisable that I give you a nutrition guide about the foods you should be taking. Also, you will get a lot of health tips that will help you get the skin you might be longing for.

What Controls your Skin type?

Think about this: we all have different combinations of genetics, lifestyles, climates, skin types, diets and our skin demands are exclusively specific as a result. Our skins always respond to environmental change, sleep, stress, as well as any prescription that you may be consuming as a daily nutrition supplement. All of these aspects can influence your existing skin condition.

The Best Food for an Oily Skin

The Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit with a distinctive flavour. It doesn’t have the best taste, but it certainly plays a huge role when it comes to treating oily skin. Grapefruits act as a natural moisturiser that’s rich in vitamin C. It also boasts antioxidants that enhances collagen production, eliminates acne, and boosts your skin’s average PH balance.

You can either apply this fruit on your skin as an organic skincare product or consume it directly to protect you against skin damage. It is a natural skincare supplement that helps in the absorption of excess oil. Besides, the fruit’s high-water content is useful in keeping your skin hydrated and safeguarded against external pathogens.


Avocados are rich in healthy fats. These organic fats are beneficial to your body in many ways, including your skin’s health. Getting essential organic skincare ingredients from the avocado helps keep the skin moisturised and flexible. Preliminary evidence indicates that avocado is a natural moisturiser that contains elements that protect your skin against harmful UV (Ultraviolet) rays.

Besides, avocados boast high levels of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a vital antioxidant that protects your skin against the oxidative damage. Remarkably, vitamin E seems to work best alongside vitamin C. As said earlier, vitamin C is a good skincare vitamin that helps in collagen (a protein that keeps your skin healthy and robust) creation.


Popular for their high levels of dietary fibre and potassium, banana is one of the best fruits across the world for many reasons. They are not only versatile and delicious, but they also integrate antioxidants, vitamins like vitamin A, C, & E, and other minerals like zinc and lectin.

Banana is also a proven solution to oily skin. Eating these fruits will undoubtedly protect your skin against premature ageing and oxidative stress. Do you want beauty in your skin? Do you want a product that eliminates pimples and controls sebum oil production? If so, banana is the solution to enhance the beauty in your skin and guarantee tender skin.


Are you a vegetarian that loves vegan food that’s rich in nutrients but low in calories? Well, kale is an excellent addition to your vegan diet. It boasts vital skin enhancement properties, and it’s evident since many skin beauty products now contain extracts from kales. It is indeed becoming a popular element in the fashion industry thanks to its richness in vitamin A, vitamin C and copper.

Whole Grains

Taking whole grains as opposed to processed carbohydrates will improve skin complexion and texture. Thus, it would be wise to opt for food that’s slightly processed. For instance, opt for whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Certain foods like whole-grain buckwheat are rich in antioxidants like rutin, an antioxidant that lowers skin inflammation.

Wheat germ is rich in biotin, a vitamin that assists in processing fats. Low levels of biotin make your skin itchy, scaly, and dry. Foods rich in fibre such as brown rice and oats are beneficial in eliminating toxins from your body. By taking them, you’ll have healthier and much better skin.


Nuts boast a high level of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are vital for healthy and clear skin. As a vegetarian, you need to include nuts in your diet since they boost your skin’s texture and contains anti-inflammatory properties. However, avoid consuming excessive nuts since it may cause more harm than good.

Food such as nuts, soya beans, tuna, and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are suitable for the skin. Also, if you suffer from inflammatory skin conditions and other skin issues like eczema, consuming food rich in omega-3 fatty acids can be of significant help. Thus, consider a regular intake of omega 3-fatty acids to lower the risk of acne.

Green Tea

Made from loose leaf tea, green tea has been successfully employed as a medicinal product in various parts of the world for centuries. Green tea and other tea flavours like Turkish apple tea can secure your skin against ageing and skin damage. The proficient ingredients from loose leaf tea and Turkish apple tea are known as catechins and protect your skin in many ways.

For instance, Kent & Sussex Tea Company produces natural green tea that is free from GMOs. These products are rich in vitamins like vitamin E. As a result, the tea is excellent for skin hydration and nourishment. In addition to this, Kent & Sussex Tea Company manufacturers a particular type of tea known as camomile tea. Here is camomile tea health benefits.

Additional tips and guide

Here are extra tips that will benefit you if you have oily skin

  • Use oil-control face washes instead of soap when washing your face.
  • Use the blotting papers.
  • Avoid using GMOs. Instead, incorporate natural remedies like clay and honey for a cruelty free skin.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid excessive skin scrubbing. Also, avoid washing the skin many times if you want a cruelty free and smooth skin.
  • Use sond skin products. Sond skin products are useful when it comes to skin moisturization. However,before using any sond product, ensure that you consult a physician. Else, read reviews about the sond element you intend to use.

The Bottom Line

Folks, it isn’t the end of the world. If your kin or friend is suffering from eczema, consider eczema skincare products. Also, keep an eye on what you consume, and you’ll inevitably see the results. The results will not come overnight, and it’s thus essential to give it some time.

For those of you in the fashion industry, having a tender, soft, and healthy skin is a must. Thus, ensure that you eat healthily and incorporate the foods mentioned above in your diet. Are there any foods to avoid to ensure that you have oily skin? Yes, there’re various types of foods that you need to eliminate in your diet if you want the best skin.

Some of the foods that you need to avoid as much as possible include dairy products, caffeine, refined carbs, added sugars, inflammatory fats, alcohol, fatty meats, spicy foods, as well as salty snacks.

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