Lip Makeup

One must never underestimate the power of lip makeup to elevate the looks of a woman. Lip makeup does not mean to glide a tube of lipstick across your lips. The importance of lip exfoliation is ignored and neglected by many, and healthy lips enhance the beauty of your lips with lip makeup giving you a glamorous look.

The first step in lip makeup is to choose a lip color that not only suits your skin tone but also keep in mind that only some colors look good in summer, and some in winter. The next step is lipstick, where some are glossy, and some have a matte finish to it. Lip glosses that applied on lipsticks are either plain or tinted, and lip balms come in countless shades to add a pop of color to your lips. Lips stains form an essential part of lip makeup as it is applied before lipstick and stays on longer than a lipstick.

Lip liners help to contour the shape of your lips, and smudge-proof lipsticks are available that are useful when you are at work as they remain for a longer time. Another vital product, which is a must in your makeup kit, is a lip primer. Concealer is an ideal substitute for your lip primer, and they provide a good base on your lips before you apply the lipstick. Now with all this in hand, nothing can stop you from trying out these trending styles, such as the ombre look where shades go from light to dark or apply two different colours to your upper and lower lips!

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