How To Treat Alopecia Areata?

When Mother Nature has an answer to everything, she does have an answer for alopecia areata too. There are home remedies to use to curb the Hairfall menace, say holistic experts. One doesn’t have to invest in expensive parlour treatments; in most cases, it doesn’t work. Today we would like to speak more about the home remedies to treat such hair loss conditions. We ask you to please read on and be well informed about the same.

How To Treat Alopecia Areata?

What Is Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia is nothing but heavy hair fall and loss in both men and women. Hair fall happens suddenly in a circular motion in different parts of the scalp and body. The Experts opine that individuals would lose around 100 hair strands on a daily basis, which is normal. However, if you notice tufts of hair in plenty around your pillow, on the towel, on your clothes, and anywhere else is left behind, this is when you should be concerned. Also, please check for hair-thinning symptoms, such as a bald patch, which would be alopecia when checked and confirmed by a dermatologist of repute.

It is around the time when men and women in their thirties face this condition the most. This is because of stress, hormonal imbalances and bad diets, which create a nuisance. There are ways to correct the factors leading to such conditions, one of them being herbal remedies straight from the kitchen.

Natural Treatment For Alopecia Areata Curing:

In this article today, we will educate you about how to cure or get rid of alopecia areata by using natural home remedies.

1. Any essential oil or oils, such as canola, castor, coconut or olive, can be mixed in equal measures, warmed and applied directly on the scalp. Gentle massages in circulation modes would help. Use a hot turban therapy and keep the concoction on your scalp for half an hour, post which wash it off with an herbal shampoo only. Do this thrice a week, and in a month, you may see results of reversing.

2. Garlic, ginger and onion as a paste or in juice form individually would be great. Use either of them and not a mix of them, keep the juice applied on the scalp overnight, and give your head a nice wash with an herbal shampoo the next morning. When done thrice a week and for a month, results would show. This is one of the best home remedies for alopecia areata.

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3. Ask your masseuse to give you a hot hair oil massage; this helps with blood circulation and stimulation of the hair follicles. It makes the scalp healthy and alive as well. You may use an essential oil of your choice or an aroma oil such as lavender; lavender is known to induce relaxation and hair growth at the same time. However, use base oil, such as bay or almond oil, since lavender oil can be strong. Do this thrice a week for better results in a month.

4. Your hair and scalp need nourishment at this point in time, and green tea would be the best fit for the same. Warm the tea only with water and bring it to room temperature. Apply the water to your hair, massage it well and keep the leaves on the head for sixty minutes. Wash it off with cold water and towel dry gently. Do this thrice a week for better results in a month. Green tea is the best and perfect treatment for alopecia areata.

5. Coconuts are great to help with alopecia conditions since it has enough healing properties to bring down the cause. The fruit also helps promote hair follicle growth and health. Use the milk of coconut, which has essential fats and proteins, iron and potassium as well. Do this thrice a week for better results in a month. Even the oil is good for hot hair oil treatments, say experts.

6. Henna has been used for centuries as a medicine for alopecia, say beauticians. It also gives the hair a natural tinge when kept for an hour. Henna helps the hair follicles with nourishment and strength too. Combine it with coffee and mustard oil, and the condition is reversed over time. Do this once a week for better results in a month.

7. Hibiscus flowers have healing properties that would reverse hair fall conditions. The flower is known for the nourishment it provides and helps with removing build-up and dandruff too. A paste of the flowers would be excellent, so do this thrice a week for better results in a month. However, the base oil to be used along with the flower paste would be mustard or coconut oil.

8. The properties in amla would be the best to use since it has plenty of vitamin C and a lot of antioxidants too. The fruit paste or oil can be applied directly to the head, and if you can consume the fruit every day, you would benefit internally as well.

9. The wonderful humble egg is so amazing, even if you are a vegetarian. It has a lot of sulphur in it, along with minerals and proteins that your hair needs. Since an egg is packed with zinc, iron, phosphorus, selenium and iodine, it would be the best concoction to use with an essential oil, such as olive oil, for hair growth. Do this thrice a week for better results in a month.

10. Check your diet, for you are what you eat. More often than not, we tend to ignore what we eat and blame the world for our perils later on. Your meals should be well-balanced and on time, with plenty of fresh fruits, veggies and water thrown in.

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Best Methods For Alopecia Areata Curing:

Below are some other treatments for the alopecia areata problem. These can definitely in an effective manner.

1. Stay Away From Cosmetic Shampoos:

Shampoos that are cosmetic in nature are filled with chemicals that damage and destroy your hair in the long run causing excessive hair fall and baldness. The same goes for shampoos that are alcohol-based. You must always try to use herbal-based shampoos as they add efficiently towards the nutrients of your hair so that after a bath, your hair is well hydrated strong, and luscious. Anti-hair fall herbal shampoos are available for purchase manufactured by a score of companies for your discretion.

2. Stay Hydrated:

Drinking plenty of water may be the only defence you have against hair fall at certain points in time. As much as your body requires water to function properly, so does your hair making it a very important issue to drink as much water as possible daily. Your hair feeds off the nutrients in your body to grow strong and healthy, so it is always better to carry out the right intake of water on a regular basis making it a part of home remedies for alopecia.

3. Aloe Vera Treatment For Alopecia Areata:

Aloe Vera is rich in minerals and vitamins, making it the best defence when opting for homemade alopecia areata treatment. Aloe Vera can be purchased quite easily and has been used for ages in regards to treating hair fall quite effectively. You can mix it with various hot oils for the best results possible. Apply it to your hair so as to allow your hair to soak in all the necessary nutrients it needs in order to grow strong at the roots, thus preventing widespread hair fall gradually.

4. Air Dry Treatment For Alopecia Areata:

Air drying your hair can prove to be extremely fruitful at times as blow-drying your hair tends to burn the roots of your hair, causing hair fall, so, at these times, it is always better to allow your hair to dry naturally over time after a wash. It is one of the easiest alopecia treatments there is.

5. Honey, Milk And Egg Can Cure Alopecia Areata:

A mixture of honey milk and eggs is an excellent alopecia cure when you are suffering from hair fall. The main array of alopecia symptoms includes excessive hair fall, baldness and so on. Apply this mixture on the affected areas and keep for half an hour to one hour, after which wash your hair with cold water for the best results

This article talks about some of the best homemade treatments for alopecia so as to help curb the disease from the bud. Alopecia is an easy disease to treat but requires a bit of time to do so.

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Final Words:

Apart from the ten tips on reversing alopecia the natural way, it is also important that you;

  • Stop using chemically induced products and cosmetics on your hair
  • Stop using dryers and curling irons or straighteners for your hair
  • You learn to meditate and perform yoga, deep breathing and exercises that stimulate blood circulation to the scalp
  • Use homemade shampoos or herbal shampoos only
  • Use the right hair oil and herbal concoctions