Sometimes when you choose a wrong hair color and after treatment you feel unhappy with it, you search to change the color or remove it. It depends on the color you dyed your hair and the color you want. If you want darker shade than the dyed color, then you can choose your desired shade and dye again. Just dye again and you got it. But if you want few shades lighter than the dyed color, then it may be difficult. We’ll discuss few methods to remove hair color so that you can dye your hair with desired shade. Few methods can lighten the color to few shades.

How to Remove Hair Color?

How to Remove Colour From Hair:

Here are the 8 best ways to remove hair color naturally are as follows.

1. Using Vitamin C Paste:

If your hair dye is semi-permanent which claims to be removed in 28 shampoo washes, then this method may work for you.

How to Remove Hair Color?

Take few vitamin C tablets and crush them well using some water to make a paste out of it. Apply this paste to your damp hair and leave it for 1 hour. Wash your hair well. This paste doesn’t damage hair at all.

This will remove hair color and make it lighter in shade. Based on this color you can either leave it or dye again with your desired color.

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2. With Hair Color Remover:

How to Remove Hair Color?

You can find hair color removers in the market. Few of them turn the hair color to its natural color while others will bleach it making it colorless or blonde. So before you buy them, make sure what you are buying and what it does. Read the instructions on it and do exactly what it says.

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3. Using Some Baking Soda with a Dandruff Shampoo:

Baking soda works as a natural bleaching agent though it’s not strong a bleaching agent. Get an anti-dandruff shampoo which has heavy formula compared to normal shampoo. Mix some baking powder to this shampoo and use it. Few washes will slowly remove the color.

How to Remove Hair Color?

Even if you are not using baking soda, only shampoo can also remove the color if it’s a semi-permanent dye. Frequent washes generally remove the dye.

4. Using a Washing Powder or Clothing Detergent:

This may sound weird and you may not like to use this but the fact is that detergents are more powerful than our mild shampoos we use. You always complain of your washing powders which DE-color your clothes, don’t you? The same it can do to your hair as well.

Take a spoonful of washing powder or detergent to wash your hair. Just 5 washes can turn your black dyed hair into blonde.

How to Remove Hair Color?

Remember that your hair at roots DE-colors first than your hair tips. So you may want to trim your hair accordingly to make your hair look uniform. Also you should be careful using these detergents. Don’t let it enter your eyes and ears. Never use bleaching detergents or bleaching products. The natural washing powders can do the job.

5. Using Your Dish Bar/Liquid:

Your liquid form of dish soap can also do the job like detergents. Liquid is easier than bars. If you use bar, then take small amount of the foam. If you are using liquid, then take five drops of it and mix with a quarter sized amount of your shampoo.

How to Remove Hair Color?

Lather it and apply to your damp hair allowing the dish soap to penetrate into your hair properly. Do it for at least 2 minutes. If you need, repeat the same again. Then rinse your hair well followed by conditioning well.

Remember that dish soap is very harsh on hair and makes it very dry. So it is advised to use it once. If you are repeating the step, then you should do it carefully. Your hair needs deep conditioning treatment after this such as hot oil treatment.

6. Hot Oil Massage:

How to Remove Hair Color?

Hot oil strips away the dye and conditions your hair well. This is a safe method among all. Wash your hair first and then apply hot oil. You can use your regular coconut oil to heat it and then use.

If you want you can wrap your heat with a clean towel for better absorption for around 1 hour. Now shampoo and condition your hair again.

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7. Use a Bleaching Agent and Dye:

If you didn’t achieve of what you want from the previous methods, then this is the last thing you could go for. This will definitely work but less preferred.

How to Remove Hair Color?

Bleach yourself or go to hair colorist to do it for you. This will not remove your hair dye but will bleach your hair natural color as well.

After this choose a color close to your natural hair color or a desired color as fix and dye your hair. Bleaching allows you to dye with a darker color. This will not look like it did before you bleached it. It will look little different.

Tips and Warnings:

Deep conditioning hair after all these treatments is a must. All these methods take time and definitely can’t remove the dye instantly. So you need to be patient or go to a good salon.

So these were the methods you can try at home. Few hair dyes may not be removed that easily and also you should know that these methods only can fade but not remove the dye completely.