How To Get Curly Hair Naturally

Most women have straight hair these days, like poker straight, to be precise. Where is the individuality if all of us girls have to look alike, so why not curls to turn the heat up this year? We aren’t fans of chemicals and any services or products from its womb, not when Mother Nature has abundant natural ways to curl your hair. So let us look together at a few steps to have those daring curls (read: not frizzy hair).

How To Get Curly Hair Naturally

Be Patient:

Keep calm and let the hair do the talking, dear ones. This is a routine to be done once a week for fluffy results, and if you like it big, here you go. There is a lot of TLC, aka tender love and care, which goes into making your hair curly, for which you need a whole load of patience. Don’t skip and jump the steps we discuss; go with the flow. Remember, the natural hair we are blessed with has a mind of its own. There are many more factors which would influence the outcome, such as;

  • The weather.
  • The product you use.
  • Workouts and more.

How To Get Curly Hair Naturally

Steps For How to Get Curly Hair at Home:

1. Oil your hair well tonight; do a hot turban therapy for half an hour. Use essential oils like olive, coconut, or a mix for better results. If your hair is naturally dry, do this, or else don’t.

2. Get a mild conditioner to remove tangles from the dry hair first. Section-wise, with the help of your fingers, get the detangling done. You may choose a cheap detangling lotion; ensure you use an herbal one.

3. Check if your hair texture is smooth and kinky; it is important to understand the nature of your hair so that you choose products that work for consistent and best results.

4. Detangling is important so you don’t scream and yell when combing your hair. The best thing to do is to use your fingers since a comb can pull out a number of strands more than normal.

5. Now, use the lotion to detangle and rinse with the help of a shampoo rich in sulphate. Apply the deep conditioner to your hair, and sit out in the open sun for natural drying, wearing a heat cap for half an hour. You could use a dryer for faster results, but hair dryers can also kill hair roots and spoil the outcome. If you hate the sun, a steam shower would do.

How To Get Curly Hair Naturally
6. Now get back into the shower for a cold rinse; make this the final rinse sans the towel use. Don’t use a towel yet; just let the hair wet and soak.

7. After rinsing out the conditioner, be generous with the amount of the curling styler. Remember, it should be a natural product, so check the ingredients.

8. Separate the hair into various sections, large ones only to apply the styler to your wet hair. Keep spraying the hair with water so it remains wet while you use the styler. Use your fingers to ensure the product is applied from the roots to the end of the hair; use more behind the head and less in front for a classy effect.

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9. Now is when, for a short time and at a very low temperature, you should use a hairdryer if you are in a hurry. Or else, you could use a towel to wrap as a turban and wait thirty minutes for the moisture to soak into the follicles, the hair strands and the scalp.

10. After half an hour, remove the towel and flip your hair to avoid a flat top.

11. Let the hair be, and do not touch it. If you touch it, you will bring in the frizz.

12. Air dry!!

Final words: Ready to heat things with those hot curls!!