How To Find Your Face Shape

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Choosing the right hair style for women over 50 is easy when you know what hairstyle suits your face shape……We tend to beat the trodden path when it comes to our hairstyle. What’s worked up until now will continue to work. But, is your tried and true hairstyle really working for you the way it should? So often we stick with something out of habit, not venturing into the unknown. If the idea of changing your hairstyle gives you a little jolt of shock, and maybe sparks a little curiosity, then perhaps it’s time to shake things up. Let me be the first to say that choosing the right hairstyle for mature women makes all the difference.

As we age, our features change. Skin tone, hair colour, wrinkles you name it. Working with these evolving features instead of against or trying to cover them up is key and complimenting your outlook with a hairstyle to suit is crucial. To find the hairstyle that suits you best, we first need to know our face shape. We all have a distinct face shape, and some cuts and styles suit particular face shapes more than others. A perfectly symmetrical face shape will suit a middle part more than asymmetrical face for example. If you don’t already know your face shape, that’s OK! This article will help you find your face shape with one very simple trick.

If you don’t know what face shape you have, there is a very simple way of deducing it. All you will need is an eyeliner and a small mirror without magnifying glass. Place your mirror at eye level and situate yourself in a position that is comfortable. Not too close, but at a distance where your face is taking up a majority of the reflective surface. It’s also a good idea to tie your hair back so you can see your entire face clearly.

Take the eyeliner and on the mirror itself and draw dash lines around the edges of your face. Keep going until you have ‘traced’ the entire outline of your face, keeping your head very still as you do so.

When you have finished the outline, still keeping your head very still, find the centre point between your eyes and mark it with a small dot on the mirror.

Mark a second dot on the mirror where your nose peaks.

Finally, mark a third dot where your chin peaks. It’s very important you keep your head as still as you can throughout.

The next set of pointers we need represent your jawbone’s position in relation to your eyes, nose and chin. Mark out two dots, one on each side of the face outline roughly where your jawbone sits.

Once you have made all of these marks, pull your face away from the mirror and look at the shape you have made. The shape should resemble one of the following: oval, inverted triangle, triangle, square, circle, heart, diamond, rectangle or elongated oval. If you have ever been confused about you face shape, you’re now looking at it!

While it’s super important to know our face shape, working out the symmetry or lack thereof of our proportions is equally important. The lines we have drawn down the middle of our face shape outline will help us determine this. Take your eyeliner again and mark a line connecting the dots marking your eyes, nose and chin and an intersecting line connecting either side of your chin. This will show you clearly how your facial proportions sit on your face and the balance between your facial features.

Below you can see the outline of my face. After marking out these lines, it’s clear both what my face shape is and that my face is slightly uneven, leaning more towards the left side.

Simply knowing what face shape you have will help you determine how best to compliment your face with hairstyle, jewellery and even clothing. Because your face shape won’t change too much over the course of your life, you will only have to use this trick once and the knowledge will stick with you forever. For the best hairstyle to pair with your face shape, check out the below video.

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