How To do Ombre Lips

The Ombre style is essentially the gradient of colors that shifts from light to dark. What initially started with ombre hair that was first brought up by Drew Barrymore has a lead on to ombre nails, ombre dresses and now ombre lips.

Everyone’s going Ga-ga about the new Ombré look which every celebrity is flaunting starting from Priyanka Chopra to Rihanna.

How To do Ombre Lips

You look at their gorgeous puckers and think how much time, effort and skill must have gone into those two little lips to look so gorgeous. But often the most difficult things are the easiest to pull off.

So here is a blow by blow on how you can achieve these fashion-forward puckers.

Up and Down Red –Orange Ombré:

This bright and striking combination will make vibrant summer looks that will be eye-catching and head turning– the hint of neon colors add a stylish touch.

How To do Ombre Lips

1. Line your lips with the lip liner to provide a base for the lipstick in the darker shade or closest to it.

2. Apply a red lipstick on the top lip and bright orange lipstick onto the bottom lip only.

3. Now press your lips together to blend the two colors.

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Blended Matte Nude- Mauve Ombré:

Add volume to your puckers with this unique combination. It is perfect for those with thinner lips looking to add some sassiness to simple lip color.

How To do Ombre Lips

1. Line your lips with a nude lip liner.
2. Apply Mauve or violet lipstick on the top lip and a matte nude lipstick onto the bottom lip.
3. Now press your lips together to blend the two colors.

For those with darker skin tones use a darker brown for the bottom lip based on your tone. A darker nude lip works best for a night out thanks to its edgy vibe.

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Inside–out Red Ombré:

This one is a red carpet darling with an easy tutorial. Just make sure you pick two colors of the same family with a darker matte one and a lighter creamy one.

How To do Ombre Lips

1. Line your lips with a red lip liner, closest to your shade.

2. Apply a basecoat of red lipstick on your lips.

3. Apply the lighter shade using a lip brush towards your inner pout and leave outer 1/4th of the lip for the Dark red on both lips.

4. Now lightly blend them together at the centre as if the bright colour fades into the centre.

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Centre Gradient Popsicle Ombré:

How To do Ombre Lips

This one is the easiest of the lot. It is a more casual and laid back style which is fun and funky.

1. Line your lips with invisible liner or a shade that is one step lighter than your natural lip color.

2. Apply a basecoat of any clear lip moisturizer.

3. Apply the lipstick at the centre of your lips along the mouth crease.

4. Now lightly use your fingers to blend it out as if the bright color fades out from the centre.

It gives a Popsicle effect that means it looks like you have just feasted on an ice Popsicle. Surprisingly that is also a style and it goes best with bright neon or candy colors.

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Few Things to Remember:

How To do Ombre Lips

 Always moisturize your lips before using any product as the end of the day these are chemicals.

  Clean up the edges with a concealer to give a flawless and complete look.

 A little gloss goes a long way so always finish your ombre with a coat of gloss as it keeps the color longer unless of course it is a matte look.

  A lip liner will always keep your colors from bleeding out so it is essential for make-up.