How to do Bohemian Twist?

Bohemian twists are just another way to create a classic hairstyle where elegance is the prime factor but not before the essential technique through which such twists occur. For those who still don’t have a clue as to what the bohemian twist is, this is a hairstyle where the primary function is to achieve the desired look through the usage of supple but prominent twists so that a beautiful hairdo is created.

Unlike the complex look of the hairdo, bohemian twists actually are quite easy to achieve if you have the right trick crawling up your sleeve.

How to do Bohemian Twist?

Tips to do Bohemian Twist:

1. Materials Required:

How to do Bohemian Twist?

To do a bohemian twist the only material you will require is your skill. Other than that the common essentials like the hairbrush, some hair ties and maybe a pin or two might come in handy. Hair spray alongside this will definitely be a helpful addition since the hair spray keeps those little layer locks tightened up in one place.

2. The Tutorial in Words:

How to do Bohemian Twist?

  • For starters, try settling your hair. The twists are usually required to be clear even though you are opting for a messy look. If the twists are tangled and not properly set, chances are that one strand or two might slip out causing the whole hair to look bad. This is why the main part of the hair tutorial is to comb and settle down the hair well. Check for tangles and detangle them. It will only help you.
  • When your hair is all settled, now work your way up to section one-third of your hair on one side. This does not need to be perfect. Rough segregation from the entire lot will just do. This segmented lock will form the base look for the bohemian twist.
  • Start by taking two smaller strands out of the segregated lock. Each strand taken should belong from the extreme ends of the lock. Smoothen any unnecessary hair frizz and then simply start by twisting the strands. After one twist, use the French braid technique and pick up some hair from the sides or underneath and then again twist.
  • Continue this till the end and as you go forth with every twist, pick up some lock from the two ends and soon you will be left with an awesome bohemian twist. Secure the one side with a tie or incorporate it into any other hairstyle that you wish to.
  • The same can be done with the crown of the head where the front section of the hair is segregated and then twisted to form a milkmaid twist. There can be more than one bohemian twist based on your hairdo idea and skill.
    Secure the look tightly using bobby pins to avoid unnecessary slip out of locks.


Now a bohemian twist can be incorporated in a lot many hairstyles. Here are a few examples.

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3. The Twisted up Do:

How to do Bohemian Twist?

Here too you have to start with the usual technique to bohemian twist. Part your hair from the middle and opt for two bohemian styled braids on each side.  Now pull the braid from one side to the other side and wrap it up by tucking it in. Do the same with the other braid till a low hanging braid is created.

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4. Bohemian Bun or Pony:

How to do Bohemian Twist?

To do the bun opt for the same method. Your braid can be either on the crown in which case the bun will be at the back of the head without any worry. For the other part, use the braid and with the free side roll up a bun or tie a pony. Now use the bohemian braid to wrap it around the bun.

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5. Keep it Free:

How to do Bohemian Twist?

You can do a simple bohemian twist on the front and secure it with pins. Leave the rest free.