How To Cover Lip Wrinkles Over 50

How To Cover Lip Wrinkles Over 50 How To Cover Lip Wrinkles Over 50 How To Cover Lip Wrinkles Over 50

Lip wrinkles over the age of 50 are just about unavoidable. Short of undergoing expensive treatments that may leave you a little worse for wear, the dreaded crease will present itself with nary a warning and will remain put despite our best efforts to flatten it out.

Wrinkles around the lips are of course a by-product of the ageing process and completely natural. Harsh environmental factors also play a role in their formation, as do unhealthy eating habits, dehydration and a lax skincare routine. You may of course opt for treatments like Botox and microdermabrasion to reverse these symptoms, however there are some things you can do using the illusory effects of makeup to help provide you a more youthful look suitable for everyday application. If you would like to know the number 1 secret to lipstick application for mature lips, read on!

First things first; find your lipstick shade. Finding the right shade of lipstick can either make or break your appearance, especially for women above 50. The wrong shade of lipstick can highlight areas we’d rather keep concealed.

One easy mistake we can make when looking for the right shade of lipstick is testing the lipstick shade on the back of the palm when trying it out at the store. This unfortunately won’t give you an accurate reading. Applying lipstick testers to the back of your hands will give you a false impression of how the lipstick colour will sit on your skin. You can get an accurate look, however, by applying the lipstick on your fingertip and holding it up to your lips to see if the lipstick colour truly matches.

Many women in their 50’s and above find they no longer suit a nude lipstick. This is in part because a nude shade seemingly only acts to accentuate wrinkles and fine lines, but it is also because what we previously knew about nude shades no longer applies.

Aim to steer clear of lighter shades of nude colour as this can make us look really pale and sick. Instead opt for a nude shade about two shades darker than our base skin tone. This will help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and add some youthful vitality to our visage with a small accent of colour

Going natural never fails. One way to conceal the wrinkles on your lips is to use lip liners that are the closest match to your natural lip colour. To help you find your natural lip colour, click on the video below!

Wrinkles create valleys for lipstick to travel which is why it can be frustrating wearing lipstick. A painstaking application can result in disappointment before days end when our lipstick seems to have spread to the outer corners of our mouth.

Using a lip liner will help keep your lipstick in place, almost adding a boundary wall around your lips preventing lipstick from ‘bleeding’.

If you don’t use lip liners, you’ll have your lipstick running into lines. Adding gloss to the lower part of the lips only helps you achieve a more natural lip.

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