How To Contour Your Face With Makeup?

Ever wondered that how your favorite celebrities have such flawless and perfect face structure? Kim Kardashian, kareena kapoor have well defined check bones and nose, well the secret behind this is “contouring”. Face contouring can be used to highlight your best features and also to change the look of the features you don’t like much. I personally don’t like contouring on a daily basis as it is a bit time consuming.

How To Contour Your Face:

Contouring basically has three (five?) key factors… Shading, highlighting, and blending then again blending and then some more blending.

How To Contour Your Face With Makeup?

The picture above can help you a lot to feel the contours of your face. Few strokes of dark and light foundation in the right place can highlight your best features and can give you picture perfect look. The white spots show light foundation and the dark lines shows darker foundation, the key of perfect contour is blending.

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The highlight areas are bright and are the “hills,” while the contours are darker and like the “valleys.” Use light color bronzer or darker eye shadows in the crease parts to create intensity and contour. And also use highlighting pencils or illuminators in the highlight parts to brighten your whole face. It will definitely make a huge and incredible difference.

Things You Will Need For Contouring:

  • The first thing you’ll need is three types of foundations, one which matches your skin tone, one foundation which is lighter than your skin tone and one foundation which is darker than your skin tone.
  • A setting powder

Brushes You Need:

  • Foundation brush
  • Blending brush
  • Powder brush

Steps For How To Apply Contour Your Face:

After moisturizing, apply foundation which matches your skin tone.

Take flat foundation brush and start applying light foundation under your eyes and middle of forehead. Also apply light foundation on sides of nose, under brow bone and along jawline. See the image above to understand in a better way. Don’t blend.

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Now take dark foundation and suck in your cheekbones, now apply it there. Also, apply it at the top of forehead (it will enhance your jawline) and both sides of nose. See the image to understand better, the brown lines show dark foundation application.

See yourself in the mirror now and don’t laugh :P. I know you’re looking like a joker but the steps are not yet over. Time for BLENDING, blend everything with blending brush or foundation brush. Keep blending until you see the difference yourself.

After blending, set everything with powder. Use a powder brush for more defined look and avoid using a puff or sponge.

You will be amazed to see that your cheekbones can look so pronounced or your nose can look so small, contouring creates a huge difference. Your face will look slimmer yes this technique makes a huge difference.

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Some Quick Tips To Contour:

♦ Set your look with a pressed or loose translucent powder to make it stay longer.

♦ Be realistic with your skin color; don’t go too dark or light.

♦ While blending, remember there should be no harsh lines at the end.

♦ To save your money, buy a foundation palette which has two three foundation shades for contouring.

♦ If you have square face then use darker shade of foundation under cheekbone. Blend the foundation towards jawline as this will make your jaw line narrow.

I hope you enjoyed the post, have any queries? Drop in the comments.

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