Famous Bridal Makeup Packages in India

Brides have nothing to do on the wedding day or before, but are perhaps the busiest person of everyone on the floor. Their stress is not only about the external affairs but there is a lot of internal turmoil going on which keeps her disturbed.

Amidst all of this is also the big task she is worried about, that is how things will go once the wedding ceremonies start. This includes her overall appearance over the functions and since all of it cannot be achieved in one day alone, what needs to be done before hand to het the perfect look on her big day.

Famous Bridal Makeup Packages in India

So to make the work of to-be brides easy, here are the best of make-up and pre-bridal packages from the best of brands that will ensure your satisfaction.

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Best Bridal Makeup Packages in India:

1. Lakme Bridal Packages:

  • For preparation to look the best on the big day, Lakme offers Pre- Bridal Aura Package and Pre-Bridal Golden Glow Package
  • To get the jaw dropping look on the most important days and functions Engagement – Sagan – Reception Package and Bridal Package.
  • As a last-minute DE-stressor Bridal Aura Package
  • For brides having not much leisure time before wedding, comprehensive packages like: The Bridal Golden Glow Package and Pre-Bridal Premium Package
  • Bridal Platinum Glow Package for overall grooming and internal beauty: for those who can devote a good long time before wedding.
  • Personalized Expert Advice sessions on the special dos and don’ts before the wedding which also acts as a stress relief session.
  • Specialized Services for Family and Friends

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2. Kaya Skin Clinic Bridal Packages:

60 Day Wedding Rituals:

The package is designed to tone the skin to make it appear flawless over a 60 day period. Depending upon your skin type, treatment is given for inner glow.

30 Day Wedding Rituals:

This package focuses on grooming of the skin to rejuvenate it and make it appear fresh at all times till the wedding day.

15 Day Wedding Rituals:

With millions of things to do and tasks to take care of, the bride should not look tired and dull. This package ensures glow and energy on the to-be-bride’s face.

Bridal Gold:

The package is to make your face and body appear radiant and without a spec. various laser treatments for hair removal are included in the package for the bride to feel god and be confident.

Bridal Glow:

This is again a 30 day package customized to benefit the bride-to be in the best possible way. It comprises of a thorough replenishment of the skin to get the inner glow and make the bride the center of everyone’s attention with her natural beauty.

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3. Tattva Bridal Packages:

Tattva offers various combinations of services that offers the bride-to-be with more than one choice of duration according to her preference and convenience. These packages are:

45 Day Comprehensive Package: Comprising of 4 sessions of radiance facial therapy for inner glow, 2 sessions of back polishing, body wash, massage sessions, hot stone pedicure, manicure and hair spa.

20 Day Package: Comprising of 3 sessions of facial, one session of back polishing, body wash, hot stone massage, manicure, hair spa and floral pedicure.

10 Day Quick Package: Comprising of one session each of special bridal facial, body polishing, body massage, pedicure, manicure and head massage.

Hope these bridal packages are self sufficient and have sorted out your tension. These are not exhaustive, but since are highly ranked and most demanded, will ensure that you are in safe hands and there is no experimentation and tension in your mind on your big day.