Eye Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

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If you follow this step by step easy eye makeup tutorial for mature skin, you will master eyeliner once and for all! One of the most difficult things about aging, is our tried and true makeup techniques seem to lose their lustre, and applying makeup can become increasingly more foreign and frustrating.

If you think of your face as a canvas and makeup as paint, applying that paint to a smooth canvas will be hassle free and straightforward. Now imagine that same canvas, though there is a small crease that you can’t quite buff or smooth out with paint. What to do?

There are so many small and very simple tricks that you can do that will help you apply your makeup perfectly every time. Just because you have been given a new canvas does not mean you should give up. I am so excited to share with you this little trick for getting your eyeliner perfect, and as an added bonus, this look will help give the illusion of an instant eye lift. If you have loose skin, or crepey skin or wrinkly skin around your eyes and would love to know how to remedy this, keep reading!

With every makeup routine there are a certain set of steps you need to follow in order to get optimal results. I like to think of these as a formula, that way it’s reproduce-able and easy to follow step by step every time until it becomes second nature. The first step in our formula is to set a good base…

In the same way that paint going onto an un-primed canvas will look dull, so too will make up being applied onto un-primed skin. I always use a primer before applying makeup to make sure my eye shadow doesn’t crease and to increase the intensity of the shade. To apply, dispense a pea sized blob on your index finger and gently tap into eye lid until dry.

Once your skin is primed and ready to go, next up is our eye shadow. For this particular look, I recommend using a nude palate as what we are going for is more of a natural look. Apply your eye shadow in broad, even coverage across the eye lid. This will intensify the eye lid just a little bit more.

Follow this up with a slightly darker shade on the crease just to give a more defined look.

To find the crease, glide your brush along the bone line and come down to meet your last eyelash. You want to avoid coming out from the eye lash too far as this will give the illusion of bringing your eyes down.

The tricky part to get right also happens to be where the trick to this entire look lies, but I promise you, once you get this right, you will want to use it every single day.

As I touched on before, applying makeup to mature skin differs drastically from applying makeup to younger skin. This goes double for eye liner. This is because the skin above the eye on a younger woman tends to be taught, whereas as we get older, the skin above the eye becomes lose. 

To achieve this look you can use a liquid eye liner or a pen eye liner. But if this is your first time, I love using eye shadow as my eye liner as it’s much easier to use. A good rule of thumb here is the lighter your eyes and eyelashes, the lighter the colour you should be looking for. For very light eye lashes, I recommend using a light grey.

For the first step, take your index finger and gently place it over your closed eye, closest to the inner corner.

Next, find your last eyelash and draw a line directly upwards. The line should be about 3mm

From the top of the line, draw a second line down to meet your eyelash, forming a roughly 10-degree triangle. You want to make sure it’s quite skinny.

Once you have your triangle, fill in the blank space with your eyeliner/shadow. Drawing this triangle up as opposed to across will give your eye an instant lift. If you draw the triangle across and out, your excess lose skin will droop, pulling your eye further down.

Now the triangle is in place, follow your lash line with eye liner all the way to the inner corner.

In the image below, you can see I have only applied this look to my right eye. My eyes naturally turn down and this small addition helps to give the illusion of lifting my eyes back up.

Gently line on your lower lid. Do this by following the bottom lash line to the inner corner, having both top and bottom lines meet at the outer corner.

Once you have completed your right eye, follow the same steps on your left.

If you don’t have an eye lash curler handy, no worries. This is just an extra step.

Take your eye lash curler and clamp your top lashes gently.

Tilt the eye lash curler on a 45-degree angle towards your nose. I find this helps the lashes stay curled for longer.

Gently pump the curler 10 times. This will help give your eyelashes a really nice curl.

Repeat these steps on the other eye.

Next up is our mascara. I generally only apply mascara to the top lash as it looks a little too heavy for me applying on both sets lashes.

When applying, I find layering in a zig-zag motion helps the mascara bond to the lashes much more evenly and gives the lashes a fuller look. A good rule of thumb here is to make sure you apply two coats for optimal definition. Wait about two minutes between each coat.

While you’re waiting between coats, you can apply a nude eye liner to your water line to make your eyes pop even more. Follow the waterline on your bottom lid only with your nude eyeliner all the way to the inner corner. And the best thing is, it doesn’t come off!

Getting our eyeline right can be a little tricky because most of the old techniques we’re used to no longer work. We have a beautiful new canvas to work with, and hopefully these new tips help give you the confidence to try this look out for yourself. You can use any eyeliner you have at home, including eye shadow for an easier to apply, softer look. This does take a little practice to get right, so make sure you stick with it.

I would love to hear if you have tried this look for yourself and any questions you may have.

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