Anti-aging food and supplements for clear youthful skin

Anti-aging food and supplements for clear youthful skin Anti-aging food and supplements for clear youthful skin Anti-aging food and supplements for clear youthful skin Anti-aging food and supplements for clear youthful skin Anti-aging food and supplements for clear youthful skin

Anti-aging food and supplements for mature skin begins with the foods and supplements we consume on a daily basis. With the goal of achieving “youthful” mature skin, beauty brands are one-by-one introducing a range of supplements to compliment your skincare routine as part of the new wave of ‘inside-out’ beauty. It can be a little tricky to discern what each vitamin can do for you and trickier still to try and fit it into our already overflowing beauty routine.

In addition to your topical skincare regimen, the foods we eat and the vitamins we take play just as important a role in keeping our skin healthy, hydrated and youthful. In this way, our approach to mature skincare should be holistic, as a moisturiser can only go so far in reversing the signs of age. The idea of inside-out beauty is 100% something that we should be striving for in our mature skin care beauty routines, and while a supplement from a big beauty house may help, there are many wonderful alternatives available for a fraction of the price. These are the supplements you should be looking out for to help round out your mature skincare routine and maintain a healthy glow form the inside out.

Anti aging properties of Zinc has long been linked to overall skin health, and particularly pertinent here is its ability to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when taken orally. Zinc acts as an immunity booster and spurs on the efficacy of antioxidants in the body which further bolster Zincs position on this list. By aiding in the fight against free radicals, Zinc helps to keep our skin cells healthy and happy.

Being an anti-inflammatory, Zinc can also help to reduce blemishes and discolouration in the skin.

You can also find Zinc in red meat, shellfish, legumes like lentils, eggs and dark chocolate!

Collagen is usually at the top of every anti-ageing supplement list, and while you may be familiar with it (you may even be taking it already) its benefits certainly bear repeating here. Collagen is the building block of proteins in the body, meaning it is responsible for keeping us all in one piece.

Collagen is found in abundance in youthful skin….mature skin, not so much. High collagen production keeps the skin firm and tight, giving it the elasticity we all strive for. As we age our collagen production lowers naturally, so keeping it topped up with a daily supplement is vital for maintaining healthy skin function and restoring a natural, youthful glow. Wrinkles be gone!

Collagen production can also be boosted by eating white meat like chicken and fish (particularly in the skin!), eggs, citrus fruits and avocados.

You are more than likely using hyaluronic acid in your topical skincare routine; however, it may do your body some extra good to supplement in an oral dosage of this wonderful compound. Taken orally, hyaluronic acid can aid in the maintenance of overall skin suppleness and hydration, reversing some of the signs of age and damage associated with, well, life. As a bonus, hyaluronic acid is beneficial in the relief of the pain associated with osteoarthritis, jumping in to help lubricate between the joints. As we age, our natural production of hyaluronic acid deteriorates and particularly for those suffering osteoarthritis, adding a hyaluronic acid supplement can help alleviate some of these symptoms.

You can also boost your hyaluronic acid intake by eating green leafy vegetables and starchy vegetables like potatoes, so there a little excuse to indulge every now and again.

Biotin’s health benefits are manifold. A key proponent in the metabolisation process, Biotin essentially helps ignite the process of turning food into energy for the body to use and go about its normal function. This includes the skin! Topping up your biotin levels will help ensure healthy bodily function and proper nourishment to be delivered to the dermis.

Biotin is found aplenty in many foods. You can top up your biotin levels by consuming red and white meats, seeds and nuts and vegetables.

These three common vitamins are essential in the regulation of healthy skin and play a big role in keeping the signs of age at bay. Vitamins C and E both act as free radical busting powerhouses with their own individual benefits including boosted collagen production and UV light resilience which contributes to skin ageing. Vitamin D also contributes the continued growth and maintenance of healthy skin cells.

These vitamins are found in abundance in citrus fruits, pumpkin, peanuts, asparagus and avocado.

What you put in just as important, if not more so, as what you put on so make sure you are getting enough of these essential nutrients in your daily intake and stay on top of your skincare game for many years to come.

The results may not be as instantaneous as your topical skincare, but given time and diligence, your skin will have never looked better.