8 Best Fake ponytails

What is that one go-to hairstyle for all the busy ladies that just cannot afford to spend that extra minute in front of the mirror in the busy mornings? It is the classic world-renowned ponytail, a fix for the bad hair days or the busy morning schedules and from that very thought is inspired the fake ponytail genre which is now a livid and vivacious market scheme helping millions of ladies get to their desired look without much hesitation. These ponytails come in different shapes, sizes and even colours which is pre-made and simple.

8 Fake Ponytails Hairstyles for Women:

Here is a list of all the times, fake ponytails helped you look gorgeous.

1. Ombre Hues:

8 Best Fake ponytails

Ombre is a new style inspired by the multi color genre which would let a color easily transit into another striking color without any proper blending line. This is usually accentuated by a darker shade on the upper region followed by a lighter shade and here is a classic example of how you can add basic brown and blond ombre hue to your pony without actually opting for chemical color.

2. Princess Curls:

8 Best Fake ponytails

For all the times we have hoped we could finally get those luscious locks and princess swirls, here is the perfect time for you to get this premade curled ponytail which is not too long and yet not too late for you to opt for. This ponytail is midnight black in color with beautiful swirl matter that is downright elegant and trendsetting at the same time.

3. Matchy Matchy:

8 Best Fake ponytails

Keeping it real and cutting it close has always been the plan and this time leading by that here is a classic example of how a pre made extension ponytail can add to the look of your hair by not only elongating the beautiful pony but also by giving it the much lacked volume and bounce. The best part, all this without even a soul noticing the fake extensions.

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4. Hippie Pony:

8 Best Fake ponytails

Ponytails always need not be prim and proper and here is why. This super cute and trendy hipster pony will have you tripping on the style for weeks until you can move on to a different hairstyle and for times like this, instead of having to put your hair through strain, just simply do on one of these fake ponies. The soft waves much like a perm will make your pony stand out amongst the crowd.

5. Super Chic Super Sleek:

8 Best Fake ponytails

We have always drooled over our favourite celebs sporting super thin and long sleeked ponytails and have always forever tried to imitative the immaculate result, needless to say failing to maintain it till the evening. This is why here we have the solution that helped your favourite celeb and now will help you too.

6. Waves:

8 Best Fake ponytails

Waves are always our next favourite option close to simply straight or curly. Sporting the best of both, waves are neither pin-straight nor curly letting you experience a soft personality to your hair while letting you sport a good volume and style to it. This Waved ponytail can also be availed in longer extensions and is definitely a worthy buy.

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7. Braid Pony:

8 Best Fake ponytails

Though a bit exaggerated often we when tired of everyday pony resort to a newer more refined style which may infuse the second most common hairdo, braids in it. This braided hairstyle fusion of braided ponies can be the next new hype in your office. You need just sport it and give your everyday ponytail a new breath of life. The best part this is premade and no extra time will be taken from your morning schedule.

8. Super Scrunchers:

8 Best Fake ponytails

You have no idea how long it would take for you to put your hair in the desired perm that would give your hair an abundance of volume and side by side the desired style. But do we really want to put our hair through so many changes? Here is another hit to your fake ponytail list which you might use for those bad hair days when the straightness simply cannot be locked.

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