8 amazing tips to make your Skin Appear Younger

8 amazing tips to make your Skin Appear Younger

Flawless skin – a dream for many! Fortunately, this dream is not so far-fetched. Below, I have listed a few basics which if employed in your daily life will soon make it into reality.

  1. Apply Primer before anything else

As you age, your skin will get thinner and ultimately dry up, leading to wrinkles. If you apply make-up directly over your wrinkled skin, it would be uneven and you won’t get your desired look.

To avoid this, apply primer on your skin before you proceed to apply any other products. One of the main ingredients in most primers is silicone, which makes it less visible. Primer wouldn’t get rid of wrinkles from your skin but will give your skin a smooth base which further allows you to apply other products properly.

  1. Apply a thinner layer of foundation

As we mentioned earlier, your skin tends to get wrinkled and develop pores as you age. If you apply a thick layer of foundation on such skin, you’ll end up looking older as the foundation would sink into the wrinkled skin, highlighting it.

That’s why you must always clean your face, moisturize your skin, and apply primer ṣbefore you apply a thin layer of foundation. Simply dab the foundation on your skin to maintain a thin layer.

  1. Prevent the Lipstick from bleeding

As you age, some lines will develop around your mouth. While it’s completely normal, you shouldn’t allow your lipstick to bleed into these lines or they’ll be highlighted and give you an older appearance. Moisturize your lips and then dab a very thin layer of foundation on them. You can also apply a lip liner of the same shade on your lips before finally applying your lipstick. This will help your lipstick accentuate your lips and not your mouth lines.

  1. Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Spending a lot of time outdoors can often lead to the lips drying out. On top of that, if you’re out in the sun, the harmful UV rays can damage your lips further. You must take care of your lips by constantly applying a lip balm or a moisturizer.

Also, often people tend to apply lip balm before they remove their lipstick which can lead to the lips being flaky. So, make sure that you completely remove your lipstick before applying lip balm.

  1. Take Care of Your Eyes

Eyes are a very important feature of your face. The region around your eyes can often be the prime factor in determining how old or young you look. Problems like puffy eyes and dark circles must be avoided.

You should get a sufficient amount of sleep at night to avoid getting dark circles under your eyes. Also, changes in your diet, like reducing your sodium intake, can help you avoid puffiness of the eyes. If you need to go out and your eyes have got a puffy appearance, you should apply a pack of ice or some cucumber slices to get rid of the puffiness.

  1. Take Care of Your Hair

Follow a proper hair care routine which includes proper usage of conditioner and oils. If your hair is graying up, you can choose to colour it or just let that be.

However, as you age, your hair will get thinner. Pick hairstyles that give your hair a bulky appearance. While blow-drying, you should use a large barrel brush and lift the hair at roots to give them a fuller appearance.

  1. Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells

Getting rid of dead skin cells at regular intervals is important if you want to give your skin a younger appearance.  If you don’t remove the dead skin cells, your skin will have a rough appearance and will make you look older.

You should exfoliate your skin with a product. But keep in mind to exfoliate delicately or you might develop rashes.

  1. Remove wrinkles from your skin

There is little you can do to avoid wrinkles as you age. But too many wrinkles on your face will give it a rough and uneven appearance, making you look old. It will also become difficult to hide a highly wrinkled skin with make-up.

You can try natural supplements like SkinVitalis, an extremely effective night-time cream that can help you rid your skin of wrinkles. Not just that, it helps keep your skin hydrated and gives it a smoother appearance. Its anti-aging properties will help you appear younger.

Stay beautiful!

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