3 Common Myths About Laser Treatment in Toronto

3 Common Myths About Laser Treatment in Toronto

Are you considering laser treatment in Toronto but having doubts about its efficacy? It’s not uncommon for it to have a bad reputation with some individuals who believe in myths about the procedure and lasers. However, don’t easily dismiss laser treatment as a way to remove unwanted body hair and to improve your skin without learning the facts behind the most popular myths about it. Otherwise, you could miss out on an opportunity to have smoother, healthier skin. Here are the three common myths you should know about:

  1. Laser treatment is not safe

The safety laser treatment in Toronto depends on the service provider and the kind of laser used. FDA approved certain types of laser systems for hair removal and skin treatment, which are the most state-of-the-art in the industry. Board-certified dermatologists use them, so you should be mindful of the clinic’s credentials and staff before you make an appointment. Beware of clinics offering cheap laser treatment, as they could be using cheaper non-FDA approved lasers, which could do more harm than good to your skin.

  1. Laser treatment will cause the growth of thicker, coarser hair, and damage your skin

If that’s true, then the laser would have been used to cure baldness. Hair regrowth patterns vary from one person to another. Some people would lose their body hair as they grow older, while others may grow hair in new places. Laser treatment in Toronto involves cutting-edge lasers to destroy the hair follicles to discourage new growth.

It’s important to know that hair won’t immediately fall out after one treatment. It could take weeks before you start shedding, and you might even notice some regrowth before that takes place. That’s why most patients require several treatments to achieve the best results. Reputable service providers target new hairs as they actively grow.

Laser technology is also popular for facials, as it is non-invasive and can promote healthier, rejuvenated skin from inside-out as it stimulates collagen production. Given that it’s non-invasive, it has no recovery time and no side-effects, and it triggers the body’s natural process of producing collagen to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and even out your skin tone.

  1. Laser treatment is ineffective on some hair colours

Modern laser treatment offered in reputable Toronto clinics can now target hair colours, which were more challenging or impossible to treat before. However, science has yet to discover technology that can remove grey and white hair, as they lack pigmentation.

About the Clinic:

Distill Laser Clinic helps in improving skin and helps patients reach their aesthetic goals with personalized treatments to bring out the best results and excellency. The Clinic uses standard laser technology, which is 100% safe for all skin types. With over 20 years in business, clinic also offer various non-surgical procedures including anti-wrinkle treatments, pigment lesion, acne scarring, hair loss, fillers, laser hair removal and much more.

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