20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

Whether you have smooth hair and prefer to transform it to a dense and curly look, or you have a curly hair texture and want to have smooth, silky hair, the permed hairstyles and haircuts are perfect to go about. These hairstyles, also known as permanent hairstyles, are all about the new creative and innovative technology that helps transform one’s hair texture in no time!

Aren’t you all charmed to hear this? We bet you will love these hair looks too, check these latest and trending permed haircuts and hairstyles, and you will be in awe just like us!

20 Cool Permed Hairstyles for Short, Medium, and Long Hair:

While the hairstyles for permed hair range in different looks and styles, we have gathered and shortlisted a few amazing and unique looks, just for you. Customize them as per your preferences and try them out!

1. Permed Hairstyles for Ladies with Colored Hair:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

Hair colour is always your best companion if you love bold and distinct style statements. We have this stunning and exquisite permed hairstyle for women. This permed hairstyle looks perfect and unique with the assembly of multiple hair colours, giving it a hot and edgy chic fashion quotient. Women across face structures and hair textures can try this look easily. You can also try a similar choppy hairstyle with long hair.

2. Smooth Waves Perm for Long Hair:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

If you have a dense, curly look and prefer a smooth, silky straight hair texture, we understand fancies. The above image is an example of how well this curly hairstyle can be possible. With the gorgeous look and classy style statement with smooth perm process, those who have long length curly hair can ideally try this perm cut style.

  • Women with oval and rectangular face shapes can try this hairstyle easily.
  • Wear this look for those women across age groups, as it can suit everyone.
  • This perm hairstyle is the best for curly hair texture.

3. Curly Perm for Short Hair:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

Curls perm is among the most coveted and sought-after looks in the perm variants worldwide. If you desire those dense curls and want to try them out, here we see an example. With short hair and easy-to-maintain looks, they are modern, and contemporary, and give a sleek, chic appearance effortlessly. Be it your regular formal engagements or parties; this shoulder-length perm can get you covered quickly.

  • If you have round, oval, and square face shapes, try this one out.
  • This look is ideal for women in the age groups of the 30s and the 40s.
  • This look is stylish for those women who want to transform their straight hair texture into a curly one. This is also a good perm hairstyle to try out for thin hair.

4. Super Short Messy Curls Perm:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

If you love super short hair and prefer to have a messy modern, edgy hair makeover, these short permed haircuts can be a perfect fit for your tastes. With comfortable and contemporary trends, we quite are in awe of this lovely haircut. The messy curls can look both edgy and sleek and can elevate one’s style to look youthful.

  • Women with any face shape can try this hairstyle easily.
  • This look is edgy for those in the late 20s to the mid of 30s age group
    Try this look if you have smooth or wavy hair texture to look the best. This is the perfect hairstyle for short permed black hair for modern women.

5. The Loose Curls for a Short Hair Perm:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

Most modern young women prefer a chic appearance with short hair and loose curls. They instantly deliver a sense of elegance and contemporary hues. If you also love this stunning beauty, try this out and we bet this is going to change your life. If you are an office goer or in a professional field, these short permed hairstyles can also fit well for everyday and special events.

  • Women with oval and diamond face shapes can try this curly perm.
  • Wear this short hairstyle if you are in any age group below 45 years.
  • This hairstyle is suitable for any hair texture easily for the perfect modern look.

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6. Short Hair Permed Bob:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

Bob hairstyle is super versatile and is one among the few looks which always have been on the hit list for women, across generations. This short bob perm hair curly with waves is one such perm which is easy to get done. This haircut looks trendy and modern and is ideal for those who love youthful and timeless chirpy style statements.

  • Any face shape can try this bob perm easily as it can suit them all.
  • This look can be ideal for young women in their 20s and 30s age group.
  • Those who have curly and smooth hair texture can try this perm.

7. Long Beach Wave Perm:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

The gorgeous beach waves and beauty statements associated with it can never be competed with. The feminine and charming looks that flaunt out of beach waves are stylish as well as timeless. These long hair beach waves perm is one such haircut that must-have for those who have long hair length. It adds such a dazzling and attractive look easily.

  • Those with long and oval face shapes can try these perm styles for long hair.
  • Women in any age group below 40 years can look into this long hair perm.
  • This perm haircut is ideal for those with smooth or curly hair textures.

8. Dense Spiral Curls Perm:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

One of the most wanted and sought-after perms types is the spiral thick curl perm. This haircut gives a vintage and classic Hollywood makeover transformation easily. If you too love that exquisite and gorgeous sense of timeless fashion, this can be a good deal to try out. We quite are in awe of these trendy perms for medium-length hair.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and oblong face shapes can try this medium permed hairstyle easily.
  • This haircut can be ideal for transforming your smooth straight hair into a spiral perm.
  • Try this haircut for women in the 30s age group to look youthful and graceful.

9. Short Perm with Bangs:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

You can even get the perfect perm with bangs. This is one such example. This lovely classic messy haircut with short bangs falling on the forehead and lovely overall outlook appears super edgy and plush. If you love quick hairstyles which can stay for long, this can be a good deal. Especially, women who love parties and fun looks can try this perm.

  • Wear this hairstyle if you have diamond and heart face shape features.
  • Women in the age groups of the late 20s, 30s and early 40s can try this hairstyle.
  • Any hair texture can ideally try out this bangs perm.

10. Classic Curls Perm Haircut:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

The classic Hollywood-inspired curls perm is also here. For those who have short-length hair and prefer to look versatile in their looks, this can be the ideal one. Be it for offices, parties, cocktail events or your gatherings with friends, this lovely look can fit in all effortlessly and easily.

  • Women with oval and oblong faces can try this beautiful hairstyle.
  • This look can be edgy for those women in the 40s and the 50s age group to also look timeless and beautiful.
  • Try this hairstyle for women across hair textures easily.

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11. Corkscrew Curl Afro Perm:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

This Afro-inspired corkscrew curly perm is among the most challenging perms to get done, but trust us; it is all worth it. If you love bold and wild looks and are not willing to settle for any less, this hairstyle can be edgy as well as unique. This is also another unique and beautiful perm hairstyle for medium-length hair one must not miss.

  • Women with oval, diamond, and round face shapes can try this lovely haircut.
  • Wear this style for any woman across age groups, as it can fit in all easily.
  • This edgy haircut is perfect for those women who have smooth or wavy hair textures.

12. Perm With Body Wave:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

An emerging trend, this hairstyle gives a lot of body to thin flat hair and compliments the face as these wavy curls add softness to the facial contour. You can style it easily by blow-drying, and will not last more than two months. Girls with shoulder-length can easily try out this hairstyle.

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13. Permed Hairstyle With Volume:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

Even though we use curlers for this hairstyle it actually does not include curls. It creates a lot of volumes and looks beautiful on oval-shaped faces. If you have long hair and you would like to give a lot of volumes then this is the hairstyle for you.

14. Spiral Permed Hairstyle:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

This hairstyle gives a funky and youthful to a person and requires a long rod to achieve these spiralling curls. It is a very trendy hairstyle and is known to provide good volume to the hair.

15. Stack Permed Hairstyle:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

This hairstyle involves curling the lower half of the hair. It looks good on any length of hair, provided the length is the same throughout. This is done to create textures and a potion is deliberately kept off curls so as to maintain the softness of the face.

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16. Spot Permed Hairstyle:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

Ideally, this hairstyle is labelled as a partial perm and involves perming one section of hair at a time. This hairstyle requires the same procedure for perming the hair and is generally used if a person wishes to get good volume in one particular section only.

17. Alkaline Perm Hairstyle:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

This perm hairstyle can be very damaging, so people with thin hair or with hair color should avoid it. Only normal hair that has never been permed before is applicable for this hairstyle. It has the capacity of lasting as long as five months.

18. Acid Perm:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

Unlike the Alkali perm, this Hairstyle can be used on colored hair and is more for creating loose curls. Even Brittle hair can work well with a perm and this does not possess the drying quality. This is the best for a square-shaped face.

19. Exothermic Perms:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

This type of perm is very easy and simple to keep as they do not require time the process; neither does it require heat from external sources. These perms utilize chemicals that release sufficient heat required to perm the hair. This hairstyle is much in demand as it is simple and gives excellent results.

20. Root Perm Hairstyle:

20 Tight and Loose Perm Hairstyles for 2023

As the name suggests this hairstyle requires the perm from the root of the hair to give a bounce to flat hair. This is one of the most befitting hairstyles for short-haired people. It is an amazing makeover for short-haired people and the perm stays on for a maximum of three months only.

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Perms have been in existence for many years and this evergreen style is getting evolved by the new generation of hairstylists in the most innovative way possible. So if one wishes to get a complete makeover permed hairstyle is an excellent option.