10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

Asian hairstyles are the new cool in today’s fashion world. They are considered the epitome of charm and are among the most favourite youthful style statements, exuding unique and handsome appearances. We are currently obsessed with the new Japanese hairstyles for men in this segment for all obvious reasons. These hairstyles are underrated and a must-check-out for young men who are all for cute and one-of-a-kind style quotients.

Today, we have compiled the best and trending Japanese haircut looks for males across age groups. These haircuts and hairstyles are all you need to sort your fashion needs this season. So if you want to try the current trends in Japanese hairstyle looks, this is your one-stop destination. Continue reading to know more.

Latest Japanese Hairstyles for Guys and Men 2023:

Here we go; we treat you with the most stunning Japanese hairstyles for men. There are traditional and modern variants in these hairstyles for males, and you don’t want to miss them out. So why wait? Check out the latest trends here.

1. Mid-Parted Red Striking Hairstyle for Men:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

If you have smooth straight hair texture and prefer to try only short haircuts, this is a perfect look to check out. Men who love the idea of being experimental can colour their hair, as shown in the picture, with striking colours to add impressive and bold stylish appearances. This Japanese haircut suits guys and men below thirty years and those with round or square face shapes.

2. Cute Youthful Haircut for Guys:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

This is a signature haircut to check out, especially if you love Asian dramas and television series. There are burns on the side to the length of ear lobes to give trendy and stylish look with a youthful and charming appearance. If you love such looks, you can try this particular Japanese hairstyle idea. Men with any face shape can try this handsome haircut seamlessly. It is also ideal to style with formals, besides the everyday casuals in this look!

3. Men’s Wavy Hairstyle with Side Fringes:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

This is a trendy traditional, and timeless look in Japanese hairstyle ideas. Men with straight or wavy hair can try this particular haircut, which also features mild side bangs or fringes to deliver an exquisite and cute charming appearance. This look is ideal for those with thick hair texture. What do you think?

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4. Messy Curly Japanese Haircut Male:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

The messy haircuts for men undoubtedly always deliver a super-hot and smart vibe. Add on Japanese inspired haircuts, there is no competition. So here we have the messy curly haircut for men. This Japanese hairstyle is perfect for men with round, square or oval face shapes and curly hair texture. It is ideal for adding contemporary and hot vibes seamlessly.

5. Blonde Japanese Haircut for Men with Front Fringes:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

Another perfect and unique haircut you may love to try out is this particular Blonde Japanese haircut for men. This Asian hairstyle is ideal for men with short and thin hair textures. The front slick and tiny fringes instantly adds to the cute, charming, sharp style statement. The hairstyle is ideal for young men in their 20s. Those with any face shape can also try this stunning haircut. What do you think of this Japanese short haircut looks for male?

6. Unique Japanese Haircut with Messy Spikes:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

This striking and bold hairstyle is for all men who love to take a chance and try a fashionable unique look. The green haircut with messy spikes and low fade is perfect for men across age groups. It particularly suits those with long, elongated, oval face shapes and any hair texture. Such looks are perfect for flaunting during parties, special gatherings and events.

7. Slicked Japanese Haircut with a Fade:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

The slicked haircut looks amazing when it is twisted into an Asian hairstyle inspiration. We have the slicked back hairstyle with fade, looking stunning with hot and smart vibes. Men who love to make a statement exuding charming and modern bold vibes can try this haircut. It is suitable for all face shapes and those with straight hair texture. Men with thin hair or thinning hair concerns can try this stylish look too!

8. Japanese Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

You can also try out this particular haircut if you have a neck or medium length hair. This mid-parted Japanese haircut features little fade on the sides and is ideal for men with wavy hair texture and elongated or oval face shapes. The haircut for male is easy to maintain yet does not compromise on delivering a stylish and iconic glam quotient.

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9. Iconic Mid-Parted Japanese Haircut for Men:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

This is among the most known and famous Japanese haircut worldwide. If you have short hair, you can try out this mid-parted haircut with wavy hair. It is perfect to deliver a very cute and charming style statement and suits boys and men below 35 years. It delivers an instant youthful appearance and suits ideally casual occasions and gatherings. Boys with round or square face shapes are further suitable for this look.

10. Messy Japanese Round Haircut for Thick Hair:

10 Trending Japanese Hairstyles And Haircuts For Men 2023

If you have very thick, unruly hair texture, this messy haircut is all what you need for a stylish and unique appearance. This delivers a casual, chic, edgy modern appearance and brings on a style quotient with a seamless contemporary feel. Guys below 30 years and those with any face shape and hair texture can try this hairstyle. What do you think of this latest look?

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Additional Tips:

In addition to these trending haircuts, here are a few tips on how to nail Japanese hairstyles seamlessly.

  • Brush your hair well to style them. You can add some gel or mousse in your hands and style them upwards, and then continue brushing to let the hair stand perfectly. You can even use blow drying.
  • Add on hair spray for Japanese slick hairstyles to get a straight and shiny look.
  • Hair cream is an innate part of styling for Asian and Japanese hairstyles. They are perfectly suitable for side-parted and curtained hair, giving a natural, floppy, messy finish.
  • Condition the hair perfectly during shampoo time to give a healthy natural shiny texture to the hair.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these Japanese hairstyles for men. Which of these looks did you like the most? Let us know your thoughts on these latest trends inJapanese haircuts, we love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Which hairstyle is most popular for men in Japan currently?

The front fringes and curtained mid parted hairstyles for men are among the latest and timeless trends in Japanese hairstyles for men.

2. Which Japanese hairstyle is suitable for teenage boys?

Teenage boys can try the curtained hairstyle or the wavy front side fringes with a low fade to look stylish and naturally cute.

3. Are Japanese hairstyles for men suitable for wedding occasions?

Yes, it completely depends on the type of haircut you choose! Men can try the neat-slicked Japanese hairstyle with hair spray or a front fringe messy hairstyle to look stylish and naturally smart during special occasions. You can even try the Japanese long hairstyles for males, such as man pony or man bun to look iconic.