10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

Whether it is a festive occasion or family gathering, or wedding, Anarkali dresses are always the most preferred outfits. They come with perfect ethnic style statements and elegance. How about hairstyles with an Anarkali dress for overall apt and all-around fashion? Isn’t it alluring? While Anarkalis themselves are pretty mesmerizing with the class and charm, adding the proper styling and makeovers can make your looks perfect overall. With these Hairstyles for Anarkali, now transform yourself to look like a diva.

Which Hairstyles go well with Anarkali Dresses and Suits?

Our celebrities also seem to love the Anarkali trend, and why not. They are always a timeless option. Here we have rounded off the best and most beautiful hairstyles with Anarkali suit looks right now. Let’s explore them together.

1. Messy Braided Hairstyle for Anarkali Suit:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

If you love simple yet elegant messy hairstyle ideas to wear with Anarkali ethnic suits and dresses, we have this gorgeous idea. The lovely braided hairstyle is perfect to flaunt the Indian ethnic wear outfit gorgeously. It is seamlessly stunning and matches the festive appearance and grandeur of outfits. Women with oval, diamond and heart face shapes and wavy or straight hair can try it out.

2. Grand Hairstyle for Anarkali Dress:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

If you ask our opinion, this is among the most exquisite and grandeur appearance, undoubtedly the best hairstyle idea for the Anarkali dress. If you have a particular occasion, party or event, try pairing this lovely look to exude a seamless, feminine and sophisticated appearance. Rest assured, you can look divine and mesmerizing. Women with all face shapes can try this look.

3. Loose Wavy Hair:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

We see the gorgeous Amala Paul here flaunting the yellow designer lehenga in a smooth wavy hairstyle. If you have a suitable medium to long hair length with fine texture, how about trying this wavy look? It is always classic and timeless and can never go out of trend. The style also adds in an excellent festive and elegant look seamlessly. What do you think? If you have a grandeur dress, this can be a suitable and apt one.

4. Braided Open Hairstyle:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

We see the gorgeous Deepika in the braided design with the open hairstyle. Deepika never fails to flaunt us with her lovely ethnic looks, and this hairstyle absolutely suits the ethnic wear. Try this simple yet classic hairstyle out for any festive occasions or events; it can give an alluring and plush look effortlessly. We immensely love this braided look with open hair in hairstyles that go with Anarkali.

5. Hair Bun:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

Alia Bhatt’s hair bun and hairdo to match the Anarkali are simply gorgeous. Whether you are running out of time in hand or want a beautiful, simple yet very contemporary style statement, the hair bun can be edgy and chic to match such an ethnic outfit at any time. Add on some hair accessories for grand events to match the outfit; it also can give an excellent elevated style statement and appearance.

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6. Sleek Ponytail:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

Rakul Preet in the sleek and lovely ponytail to match the Anarkali is gorgeous. You can now try this versatile ponytail hairstyle for Anarkali outfits and suits, too; the look can be ideal and unique. It will deliver an excellent modern and contemporary style statement, which is straightforward, simple, and graceful. Try these hairstyles for a long Anarkali suit out for grand outfits, and they can look amazing.

7. Messy Bun:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

We love the Anupama flaunting it right here. While messy hairstyles have always been in trend, how about this bun and hairdo? For women who want smart and classic looks, the messy bun can be mesmerizing. It adds up to bring on voluminous and statement appearance seamlessly. How do you like that? It can go well across occasions and make you stand out from the crowd with attention.

8. Fishtail Braid:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

Samantha’s fishtail braid is quite alluring. Isn’t it? We are absolutely in love with it. Add up fishtail braid to Anarkali dress to bring on feminine and dazzling looks. If you want something mild or casual, you can alter it with a French braid too. Either way, this Anarkali hairstyles looks ravishing and stunning. It can bring a youthful and flawless look quickly in no time.

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9. Half Bun Hairdo with Flowers:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

Shraddha Kapoor’s half hairdo with flower arrangement is something that is entirely unique, modern, and classic. We bet you had not come across something like this. It gives a better western style statement and appearance, with an uber-cool effect and yet desi avatar. What do you think of this gorgeous bun hairstyle for Anarkali? We love the creativity behind this one!

10. Hairstyle with Front Puff:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

Front puff! While you may wonder that it may look like an old age hairstyle, how about this getting it to trend back again? We see how gorgeously Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is flaunting it out perfectly. This matches the Anarkali dress and suits perfectly and adds up to the glamorous look. For any festivities, try this out next, and it will be charming.

11. Pin Straight Hair:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

If you love styling your hair, how about a pin-straight hairstyle to match your Anarkali look? We see Parineeti Chopra totally nailing the appearance; we immensely adore it. For women who are a fan of sleek looks, it can be ideal. This easy and simple hairstyle on the Anarkali dress is much away from vintage, and old-school style brings western touch to it and adds a dazzling hot look and style statement effortlessly. Just take a good hair straighter and achieve this look; this can look edgy, chic, and sleek.

12. Side Bun:

10 Charming Hairstyles with Anarkali Dress 2023

Divya Kumar Khosla in the side bun hairstyle is something unique and classy. It gets the total desi avatar quickly. If you have a grandeur and plush Anarkali dress and want to bring a look to it, this side bun with suitable accessories can be perfect and ideal. You can also make some alterations and changes to it by bringing in a messy look or braided side bun style too. Try this one out as per your preference, and you can look no less than a diva.

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We hope you have enjoyed exploring these lovely and mesmerizing Hairstyles ideas and looks with an Anarkali dress and suits. Try them out and tell us which is your favourite kind right now. We love to hear from you!