10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

Have you ever come across medium hairstyles with bangs? Medium-length hair offers a versatile canvas for various stunning styles, especially when combined with bangs, creating a trendy look. Whether you are aiming for a soft and wispy fringe or a bold and blunt statement, we will delve into various medium hairstyles with bangs exploring different bang styles.

Depending on your preference and face shape, you can choose from the wide varieties of medium hair with bangs ranging from layered cuts with side-swept bangs to blunt bobs with a full fringe. Read on!

10 Stylish Medium Hairstyles with Fringe:

Unlock a new level of flair and sophistication, helping you discover the beauty and charm of medium hairstyles with bangs.

1. Feathered Bangs for Medium Hair:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

Feathered bangs are a fabulous and flattering hairstyle choice for people with medium hair because it adds dimension and softness to your overall look. This chic hairstyle features lightly layered and feathered bangs creating a delicate and wispy appearance. While accentuating your features, it also adds a touch of playfulness to your overall style. Feathered bangs for medium hair are popular because they complement various face shapes. By styling differently, you can give your hairstyle a more tousled and casual vibe or a sleek and polished look.

2. Medium-Length Shag Hairstyle with Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

A medium-length shag hairstyle with bangs is a textured and trendy haircut that combines a mid-length with stylish bangs and shaggy layers, offering a chic and effortless look. In this style, the hair is cut to shoulder length with layers throughout the hair, adding texture and volume. It is also a versatile and low-maintenance option because the shaggy layers create movement and a relaxed vibe. At the same time, the bangs add a touch of sophistication while framing the face. And you can customize the bangs depending on your preference. This medium-length shag hairstyle with bangs is ideal for people who want to rock a contemporary and textured look.

3. Pretty Pink Medium Shag with Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

If you want a playful hairstyle, this pretty pink medium shag featuring a shoulder-length haircut with bangs dyed with a pretty pink colour can be a stylish choice. Combining textured layers of a shag with a fun and vibrant hie creates an eye-catching, whimsical, and trendy look. The bangs frame the face while the layers add volume and movement. And the added touch of style and femininity comes with pink. This is a popular choice for people who want to make a bold fashion statement and showcase their creativity and individuality. Furthermore, if you are a person who loves to experiment with hair colours, this is a chic and playful choice.

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4. Gorgeous Shoulder-Length Fringe Hair with Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

If you want a stunning and sophisticated hairstyle framing your face, the gorgeous shoulder-length fringe hair can be a perfect choice. This versatile hairstyle combines the elegance of a shoulder-length haircut with the flattering effect of bangs adding a touch of allure and charm. This flattering and glamorous hairstyle with baby bangs complements different face shapes and hair types. And the fringe adds a sense of youthful sophistication, exuding style, and confidence.

5. Collarbone Length Hair with Curtain Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

Collarbone length hair with curtain bangs features a haircut that reaches the collarbone paired with curtain bangs that frame your face elegantly, making it a trendy hairstyle choice. This hairstyle with fringe falls just above or below the collarbone creating a flattering length that works with various face shapes and hair textures. People who want a sophisticated and stylish look that is not too long or not too short can go for this collarbone-length hair with curtain bangs. This style makes it a versatile and flattering option for various occasions because the curtain bangs add a touch of elegance and softness to your overall appearance.

6. Trendy Shoulder-Length Hair with Messy Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

This choppy shoulder-length hair with bangs is a contemporary and fashionable style paired with hair reaching the shoulders paired with textures or slightly tousled bangs. Depending on your preference, this hairstyle allows various styling options like loose waves, beachy curls, or sleek straightness. At the same time, the messy bangs add a touch of nonchalance and modernity to the overall look creating an on-trend appearance. This eye-catching and fashionable hairstyle is not only versatile but also low-maintenance.

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7. Soft Mid-Length Butterfly Haircut with Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

This soft mid-length butterfly haircut with bangs is a feminine and charming hairstyle featuring haircut with a flattering butterfly shape and face-framing bangs, hence the name. The graceful and versatile length is attributed to the hair, typically cut to fall around the shoulders. The gentle inward curves at the ends of the hair give the appearance of delicate wings giving the hair a butterfly shape. The bangs further frame the face, enhancing the overall look and adding a touch of sophistication. This medium hairstyle is a lovely option for various shapes and personal styles, offering a whimsical and feminine charm.

8. Medium-Length Blonde Hair with Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

The Medium-length blonde hair with bangs is a classic hairstyle featuring hair cut to a medium length paired with bangs framing the face elegantly, which typically reach the shoulders. This style combines the beauty of medium-length hair with the soft and face-framing effect of bangs giving you a timeless and flattering look. This medium-length hairstyle is popular because it compliments various hair types and face shapes, adding a feminine touch. The blonde colour of the hair adds a touch of warmth and brightness to the overall appearance making it an ideal choice for several occasions.

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9. Shoulder-Length Layered Hairstyles with Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

This shoulder-length layered hairstyle with bangs features a haircut that reaches the shoulders and is layered throughout, which adds texture and volume, making it one of the trendy and flattering hairstyles. Including bangs in this hairstyle frame your face elegantly, And the layers make the entire haircut look more voluminous and dynamic. You can customize the bangs per your preferences or to suit different face shapes, whether wispy, side-swept, or blunt. This hairstyle is a versatile and flattering option for many women because it works with various hair textures and face shapes.

10. Shoulder-Length Haircuts with Bangs:

10 Best Styles for Medium Hairstyles with Bangs

A shoulder-length haircut with bangs and shaded sides features a hairstyle that reaches the shoulders paired with bangs that frame the face creating a bold and eye-catching contrast making it an edgy hairstyle. You can use colouring or dyeing techniques for parts of your hair, creating a contrasting shade compared to the rest of your hair, making a dramatic and edgy effect. This hairstyle adds dimension and visual interest to the hairstyle, making you stand out anywhere. People who want a unique, modern, daring, and stylish look usually choose this hairstyle.

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Additional Tips:

Here is the list of additional tips you can keep in mind that will help you maintain your medium hairstyles with bangs more efficiently:

  • If you wish to add volume, texture, and control to your bangs.
  • It is best to use styling products like a lightweight mousse or a texturizing spray.
  • Try to minimize constantly brushing or touching your bangs throughout the day to avoid making them greasy with the natural oils from your hands.
  • Consider visiting a saloon to get regular trims for your bangs. A professional hairstylist will cut them precisely while maintaining their shape and length.
  • Shield your bangs from heat damage using a heat protectant spray, especially while using heat-styling tools.
  • You can use dry shampoo or texturizing spray to refresh your bangs, especially when they look oily or lose shape.

In conclusion, medium hairstyles with bangs elevate your style and Accenture your features offering a versatile and trendy look. Proper maintenance and care can make the hairstyle look fabulous and well-groomed. Consider professional bang trims at the salon that help maintain their length. And shape while minimizing touching them to keep the look intact. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!


Q1. What should you do to prevent bangs from getting greasy throughout the day?

Ans: Here are some simple things you can do to prevent your bangs from getting greasy throughout the day:

  • Avoid touching your bangs with your hands.
  • You can use dry shampoo to absorb excess oil keeping the bangs voluminous and fresh.
Q2. Do specific face shapes complement medium hairstyles with bangs?

Ans: You can tailor medium hairstyles with bangs to suit several face shapes. For example, full fringe bangs complement heart-shaped or round faces, while you can soften angular features with side-swept bangs. However, consult a hairstylist to determine the most flattering bang style for your face shape and features.

Q3. Is it possible to grow out bangs if one no longer wants them?

Ans: Yes! Though it might take time and patience, you can grow out your bangs if you no longer want them. You can work with your hairstylist to blend your bangs into the rest of your hair gradually. In the meantime, to make the growing-out phase more manageable. You can use styling techniques like pinning your bangs or side-sweeping.